No truer words…

Updated at 03:33 - “Right now, building a dam that produces power at four times the cost of what we can sell it for is just plain stupid.”


Lost island

Updated at 03:33 - Resettlement isn’t what it used to be.In the old days, folks clung to their island and outport lifestyles like mussels to a rock....


Bombs away

Updated on February 04, 2016 - As practical jokes go, bomb threats are right up there with yelling fire in a crowded theatre.


A fine mess

Updated on February 02, 2016 - All eyes are on Toronto this week as the Jian Ghomeshi trial gets underway.

Bikini party

Updated on February 05, 2016 - It’s true. The media can make bad choices.Sometimes the media all run in the same direction, too, only recognizing their herd...

Just ask

Updated on February 03, 2016 - In 2009, at a U.S. committee hearing on renewable energy, Rep. Joe Barton of Texas suggested wind is a finite resource, and that...


Cheers & Jeers

Updated on February 01, 2016 - Cheers: to flying high. At long last, the runway is finished and our long nightmare of cancelled flights is over. OK, so there may...


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New hope January 29, 2016 - 05:00
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