The video

Updated at 03:32 - It seems innocuous enough; a collage of local citizens singing the praises of Premier Paul Davis. Old friends, his spouse, a...

RNC Insp. Todd Barron, in a video clip endorsing Premier Paul Davis.

Secret orders

Updated on September 03, 2015 - The Iran hostage crisis of 1980 has been the subject of books, documentaries and even a feature-length Hollywood movie, Ben...

Tearing down the wild wall ideas

Updated on September 01, 2015 - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump started it — and now, he and his fellow candidates are taking turns battling for the...


Lone ranger

Updated on August 29, 2015 - If you’re not reading this online, go to the nearest computer. Check out this web page: Look at...


There’s the ticket

Updated on September 02, 2015 - Well, they’ve done the easy part.The other part, as we’ve seen in this province, takes considerably more time, effort and...


Cheers & Jeers

Updated on August 31, 2015 - Jeers: to lame excuses. Enthusiasts of ear-splitting after-market pipes don't get much sympathy around St. John's. Surveys suggest...


Tax facts

Updated on August 28, 2015 - Half a picture is better than none, but it certainly doesn’t present the whole story.


Other news

Other news