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Sometimes, things are exactly as you’d expect — but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a look at them anyway. Take Pizza Hut’s new social media stunt, where the company has developed a Pizza Hut perfume for 100 or so online

Facebook friends. Of course you want to know what it would smell like. Here’s your answer: “fresh dough with a bit of spice.”

So, what would a House of Assembly debate on Muskrat Falls sound like, if only government members were to “debate”? Here’s your answer, from Monday in House of Assembly. It’s exactly what you might expect.

Health and Community Services Minister Susan Sullivan: “I believe that is what the history books will show. They will show that the premier who was at the helm of this had the vision, had the tenacity, had the steadfastness to keep the project moving, Mr. Speaker. She refused to back down from anybody and instead stood her ground, and we now have what we need to move this project forward.”

Transportation and Works Minister Paul Davis: “Our premier … she held firm, she was persistent, she persevered and she said these are things that need to be in this agreement, and until they are, I am not signing the deal. Once she achieved that on Thursday night, Mr. Speaker, let me tell you it was a monumental day and moment for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.”

Cape St. Francis MHA Kevin Parsons: “I can remember listening to the phrase they were using back in 2003 or 2006: masters of our own destiny. Mr. Speaker, that is exactly what we are. When we do Muskrat Falls we are going to be masters of our own destiny even more. Generation to generation will be happy for us, Mr. Speaker.”

Bellevue MHA Calvin Peach: “Mr. Speaker, without the strong leadership of our premier, Mr. Speaker, and without the strong leadership of our natural resources minister, this project would not be possible today. … Once this project is completed, Mr. Speaker, it will certainly do good for the people of Newfoundland with regard to the electricity rates and with regard to work for the people in the area. Everybody will benefit from this project.”

Environment and Conservation Minister Tom Hedderson: “She has the intestinal fortitude to be able to stand up to unrelenting criticism, to individuals personally attacking. … I say, Mr. Speaker, I have nothing but the greatest admiration for our premier and the team she has around her, and, in particular, our minister of natural resources.”

Terra Nova MHA Sandy Collins: “She is doing that for the people of the province. She is not doing it for any other thing. I think that is the most selfless thing, and that is something that is very commendable with this premier. … I think it shows vision and it shows strength, and it shows something that was lacking much in the past. For that I commend her.”

Exploits MHA Clayton Forsey: “There is nothing wrong with being repetitious with this particular statement, Mr. Speaker, especially after the perseverance of our premier. No doubt it was tough negotiations for all parties. However, the premier’s perseverance and persistence has paid off.”

Conception Bay East-Bell Island MHA David Brazil: “Mr. Speaker, the approach we are using, with the leadership of our premier, the leadership of our cabinet, and the support of our caucus colleagues … would have made my father proud that we showed vision, leadership, creativity and ingenuity in addressing present needs while planning for the future.”

Innovation, Business and Rural Development Minister Keith Hutchings: “This is the right project at the right time, it will continue to move this province forward as this government has done, and certainly it will be a legacy of this government that we will be quite proud of as we move the province forward.”

Yep. A fresh doughy debate with little spice.

Organizations: Pizza Hut, Community Services

Geographic location: Newfoundland and Labrador

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Recent comments

  • Scott Free
    December 06, 2012 - 13:25

    Kathy & Stevie love-in # 2; NL taxpayers, 0!

  • Craig
    December 06, 2012 - 07:34

    Newfoundland and Labrador taxpayers are paying these people, a salary range of $450 to $800, PER DAY. Their function in the debate on the Muskrat Falls project was to suck up to and kiss the premiers arse! Big Sigh!!!!!!!! Isn't it great to see our tax dollars being spent so wisely!

  • wavy
    December 05, 2012 - 12:52

    And to think it was Premier Dunderdale who cited "unproductive debate" and other assorted shenanigans by the opposition parties as the reason for not opening the house last fall. What a hypocritical crock and farce of a government!