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Recent comments

  • Corporate Psycho
    February 07, 2013 - 16:23

    Stinks like rotten fish.

  • Greed is God
    February 07, 2013 - 15:52

    People whine when other's find a way to better themselves.Good for Mr.Noseworthy ..forget the haters keep on billing & collecting ..you are awesome!

  • Gullible Tory
    February 07, 2013 - 12:19

    I see nothing wrong with this; slurp, gulp, slurp. Boy, this koolaid is some good; it has amazing powers; it relaxes mind and body, I don't have an independant thought in my head. Wish I could get an appointment to some board; it'll come, I'm sure. Go Tories!

  • BC
    February 07, 2013 - 10:57

    I think the CA association should look at this. There must be rules or guidelines they have to follow.

  • Scott Free
    February 07, 2013 - 09:57

    A more appropriate adage comes to mind: "It's not what you know, but who you blow past "; or something like that.

  • Harvey
    February 07, 2013 - 08:34

    Dear John, oh how I hate to write....how honest and forthright you are; 10 months of work and you can, without blush, accept $148,000 plus. What an asset to the ballooning budget!!! I bet you spent sleepless nights questioning the govt's public tendering act when you took the job!!!

  • Cold Future
    February 07, 2013 - 08:28

    This shows very clearly two sides of the fence, the deep line in the sand ; the opposition and the auditor general ON WATCH and the majority government and the crony consultant ON THE TAKE.

  • Too Funny
    February 07, 2013 - 08:22

    He's an auditor, paid to find errors. That does mean he can't take advantage of them. Do auditors don't get audited? Has our AG office ever been audited? I don't think it so. Who watches the watcher?