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Recent comments

  • Ed Power
    February 17, 2013 - 05:46

    Let the spinning commence. "Ladies and Gentlemen of the governing party, start your BlackBerries".

  • david
    February 15, 2013 - 15:54

    "....all that talk about how the provincial government and its spectacular financial stewardship....." What the what now ?!? The starting premise for this article is reason enough to strongly suspect the editorial staff at the Telegram are all sniffing glue.

  • Cold Future
    February 15, 2013 - 08:54

    So who is to blame; Joey Smallwood,Clyde Wells, Brain tobin? Surely no Tory could have anything to do with this. And the money peed away at Muskrat, Hebron and various drilled dry holes; it came from the tooth fairy, didn't it? Its high time that Dwight Ball and Lorraine Michael stand and answer for this-shame.Will the GOING UP be worth the COMING DOWN.

    • Eli
      February 15, 2013 - 11:52

      You're barking up the wrong tree b'y. Ball and Michael were blitzed by a HUGE majority government.

  • jerome delaney
    February 15, 2013 - 08:20

    Sounds like Doc O'keefe and Kathy Dunderdale are on the same page when it comes to spending. Spend, spend, spend and don't worry about tomorrow. Afterall don't everyone have an oil job.

  • Winston Adams
    February 15, 2013 - 08:09

    Is Muskrat Falls a good investment? We are paying about $15,000 per kilowatt for new generation, instead of assisting customers who can reduce load for the cost of $2000 per kilowatt, and save energy besides. This is what other jurisdictions are doing. Why are we blind to efficiency measures and assistance to customers that is happening elsewhere, but not here.

    • Mr.K
      February 18, 2013 - 01:25

      would you like some cheese with that Whine?

  • derrick
    February 15, 2013 - 06:50

    Should we not be more concerned with gross debt, as this is what we are paying interest on ?