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  • Colin Burke
    September 05, 2012 - 11:42

    I can well believe that public outcry at Fr. Groeschel's saying what he said could induce even him to apologize for saying it or at least induce a bishop -- not notably a bold and hardy class of clergy in the States -- to ordeer him to apologize. But did he actually retract what he had said? I'm inclined to doubt that; the media would have made much of such a retraction. I'd like to know, though, whether those outraged by what he said are claiming that it is actually false or erroneous and whether they have a theory of sexual psychology which would render it implausible. Or do the outraged feel simply that he meant to excuse priests' misconduct, as if guilt is found only in fixed quantities so that assigning some blame to one person diminishes the blame attributable to another? And why is it such an insult to youthful innocence to suggest that a teenaged male might be attracted to an older male when nearly all the "mainstream moral propaganda" approves of sexual attraction of almost every other conceivable variety?