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  • Eli
    September 06, 2012 - 14:02

    When and if Quebecers realize what they'd lose with Souverignty, like having to pay their own way, it will come off the table in a flash. Biggest mistake Canada ever made was to make the country a dual entity.

  • Newfoundland and Labrador's geographic location is strategic
    September 06, 2012 - 10:43

    For the first time since my existence I have come to the juncture where I would like to see Quebec secede from Canada and hopefully following that Newfoundland and Labrador would do the same. Imagine the force Newfoundland and Labrador could become, given the great strategic geographic position it holds on the North America Continent, containing 29,000 kilometers of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean, then combine that scenario with the resource base contained within our land mass. We would be positioned to again become our own country, free of Ottawa's template that was foisted upon us for the past 63 years that forever since then has kept us, and will forever keep us in an inequitable position within the Federation of Canada, given that we hold 2% of the voting rights in the House of Commons . What an enviable position to be in! I am sure if Quebec had our geography it would have seceded many, many moons ago.