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Cheers: to still digging deep. Last weekend's Janeway Telethon - the 29th - brought in more that the targeted $2.5 million for the province's children's hospital, proving once again that Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are more than willing to help a neighbour in trouble.

Jeers: to summer experiences people outside the province might have trouble relating to. "Why is dinner so late?" "Because the wind blew the barbecue out." Betcha don't hear that very often in Peterborough or Mississauga. And how many frost warnings have we already had this June?

Cheers: to judges having a little fun. The judge's lot must not be a happy one. Day after day, misery and pain unfolds in the country's courts. But sometimes there's a glimmer of humour, even in dark places - like the Ontario case of Devon Brumble. Here are the first sentences of the judge's verdict: "It has long been said that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Thus, one person's 'pretty girl' may be an object of scorn to another person. Devon Brumble wanted a pretty girl and, as is sometimes the case, he got most of what he wanted, however briefly, and a whole pile of trouble besides. The 'pretty girl' he got is an object of scorn because she has been responsible for immeasurable and pointless suffering for many, many years. In early August 2012, a friend of Mr. Brumble's offered, in a series of text messages, to hook Mr. Brumble up with a pretty girl with a long nose and six teeth for $1,800. She was a bit old for him, 38, but his friend said she rotated around men. It was the beginning of Mr. Brumble's misfortune that his private communications were the object of police interception and it didn't improve things that his code, like most codes used by gun and drug dealers, was rather transparent. The long-nosed girl with dental challenges was easily recognizable to the police as a deal for Mr. Brumble's friend, Abadir Jimale, to sell Mr. Brumble a .38 calibre revolver with six rounds of ammunition. Thus, it was not by sheer coincidence that Mr. Brumble found himself admiring his new girlfriend in the front seat of a van minutes after meeting her only to have the police crash the date and instantaneously place him in custody, where he has remained ever since."

Jeers: to pretending to like accountability. A Conservative MP quit the Tory caucus last week, citing his own government's lack of transparency. And he's somehow surprised? The Prime Minister's Office sends out news releases like this all the time: "OTTAWA - Public event for Prime Minister Stephen Harper for Friday, June 7th is: 10:30 a.m. - Prime Minister Stephen Harper will participate in a photo opportunity. He will be joined by Howard Drake, British High Commissioner to Canada. *Photo opportunity only (Cameras and photographers only.)" No questions to be answered here, folks - just keep moving along. Accountability is something you can't just announce you're doing.

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Geographic location: Peterborough, Mississauga, Ontario OTTAWA Canada

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