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  • Muskrats for Pandas
    June 16, 2013 - 09:08

    Yes and Dunderdale is heading to china to try and perfect it ,I'd guess. They might attract some new mines to stay open longer, rather than closing them down due to market prices, when they have access to the next to nothing prices from Muskratfalls that's been orchestrated. I'm sure that the leaders over there will be just about as impressed as the St. Johns Board of Trade was with the premier, especially when see tells them how Bill 29 was pulled off here, in a democracy. The Employers council Rich Alexander's lobbing will work out too. They might understand what he's really saying, before they put their resumes . They might retain a few workers only for that fact. Maybe she can take Darin King with her to show him the plant, and where OCI's interests really are, where all the fish he allowed them to send over goes. He basically had the plant workers on the edge of a cliff, either jump over into the ocean and have no work or jump into the arms of OCI and get what they lobbied for, less work than ever before. Too bad Kruger wasn't running it. Maybe she'll bring backbencher Mha Lane and dress him up as a giant panda and claim not only do we now have a giant panda but a great deal for the future of NL. But I think trained seals work much better. That that wall, called Bill 29, Down Premier. The Dunderdale Dynasty sure is something else.

  • Will Cole
    June 15, 2013 - 11:56

    And one year ago, the secretive Dunderdale PCs were at 45% in the polls. Now they're at 27%. The abominable Bill 29 has hobbled the peoples' right to know, but rightly enough, the Dunderdale PCs' version of the Official Secrets Act has also served (in part) to irrecoverably hobble their political support. This is what is known as "poetic justice". The question now is... will the party that forms the next provincial government commit to repealing this grotesque piece of legislation?