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Recent comments

  • Daniel Corbett
    July 09, 2013 - 13:56

    Hopefully the pros who did the testing on Russell Williams for his high security job won't be involved in the testing for the new PBO. One would assume the aim should be to reject the sociopath as opposed to embracing him for his lack of empathy and blind adherence to the cause of lunacy. Maybe we should consider reinstating the reading of tea leaves. Daniel Corbett

  • Joe
    July 09, 2013 - 13:08

    I guess the City Council failed the test of a moral compass when they voted to continue their gouging at the pension trough themselves while limiting councilors who are elected in the future. And of course they did not show any favoritism to themselves with their exemption. These are elected positions, not employees, there should be a uniform plan for all councilors during the next term. Why should the current crowd be making this decision, why not the new council. Maybe then there would be someone to fight their exemption and they wouldn't want that.

  • Cyril Rogers
    July 09, 2013 - 10:40

    The Conservatives will certainly try to get a lapdog, given the way that Mr. Page routinely embarrassed them. He was simply doing his job and they provided all kinds of ammunition for his "embarrassments" but they simply prefer to shoot the messenger. The only way they will hire a replacement with the intestinal fortitude of Mr. Page is if he or she is able to connive them...not the way for someone who needs integrity to operate. Sort of like the watchdogs in NL...hampered by the government and unwilling to speak the whole story.