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Well, this week marked the real heart of the provincial government “money tour,” an annual event where the province’s cabinet ministers and Tory MHAs fan out to re-announce government financing that was already in the provincial budget. Since we’ve heard this all before, here’s a mash-up of political quotes from the 14 announcements of

$16 million made between Monday and Thursday alone, in the form of a found poem.

“The Provincial Government is committed …

to an aggressive

repairs and maintenance schedule.”

“The students, staff and parent community

are dedicated …

upgrading their learning environment

is part of

ensuring this is accomplished.”

“We continue to move forward …”

“We are investing nearly …

in families,

in their futures

and in the futures of their children,

their towns and our province.”

“ … people in all regions

of our province.”

“The residents …

will benefit …

our government’s commitment

to health care in the region.”

“… through our investment

… we are helping

to ensure positive outcomes

for the residents who live here.”

“The provincial government

is committed

to continuous improvement …

we are seeing the benefits …”

“I believe …

we can

continue to

advance solutions …”

“Our government …

physical activity by all.”

“To help …

responsibility …

necessary infrastructure …

equipment …


“I am delighted …”

“I am pleased …”

“This funding

will support …

improvements …

top priority

of this government.”

“Our government …

great importance …

the needs of our

patients and their families. …

(S)upport this commitment.”

“We are committed to …

opportunities for residents’

“We remain committed …”

“Our government is committed …”


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