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Cheers: to small mercies. After more than two weeks of delays and rescheduling, relief is in sight for Gulf ferry passengers. Repairs to the MV Blue Puttees are apparently gong ahead of schedule, and Marine Atlantic expects the ship may be back in service before the end of this week. That will mean a resumption of the Argentia-North Sydney run. It was originally expected the ferry would be out of service until the end of August. The ferry ran aground in Port aux Basques harbour July 31 after striking the wharf on its way out of port.

Jeers: to the summertime money wagon. It’s the dog days of summer. What better time to travel around the province announcing cash that you’ve already announced? It’s not unusual, of course, for government members to put their own faces on the money, particularly when the pollster is in the field. But the news release mill has been spinning pretty fast so far this August, churning out an average of about two funding boosts a day. The Burin and west coast regions seem to be the main beneficiaries, but funding announcements are springing up all over. At what point do such electioneering tactics stop being effective and start breeding contempt? This

government seems intent on finding out.

Cheers: to fighting back with humour. A Calgary man who finally had enough of flimsy lids on Tim Hortons coffee took a deep breath and cooled his heels before writing a hilarious letter to the company. As a Canadian Press story points out, Bryan Hansen’s lighthearted approach has already won over a lot of fans with the same complaint. At the beginning of his letter, Hansen jokes about having to decide who to address the post to — the “Lid Manager,” “Product Containment Engineer” or “Liquid Suppression Expert.” Here’s more from his missive: “I end up with scalding hot coffee on my face and on my shirt because your lids do not open in a consistent manner which thereby makes it impossible for one’s lips to create an adequate seal around the edge of the coffee cup. This results in hot leakage. Very Hot Leakage (*rights reserved for a future Adult Film title). So there I am in pain; shaking, burnt and bleeding. It’s at this time I ask myself ‘is this coffee, or is this Fight Club?’”

Jeers: to violence and division. In Egypt, hundreds of civilians have been killed by police and security forces since the military deposed the country’s democratically elected leader, Mohammed Morsi, on July 3. The coup arose from widespread discontent over Morsi’s moves to create a dictatorial Islamic regime, but the cure has clearly become worse than the disease. Tension reached a crisis point last week when the army forcibly removed pro-Morsi protesters from encampments around the country. As of Friday, mobs of angry Morsi supporters were back in the streets and more killings were reported. One commentator said politics could not be more polarized, which could raise fears of a full-out civil war. The 2010 Arab Spring seems so long ago.

Organizations: Marine Atlantic, Argentia-North Sydney, Tim Hortons Canadian Press Fight Club

Geographic location: Port aux Basques, Calgary, Egypt

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Recent comments

  • david
    August 19, 2013 - 08:55

    Speaking of sinking boats, anyone hear tell of the Orlova lately? Anyone care? We watched an oil company tow an environmental disaster away from their rig, then drop the line and let her drift on to wherever she sank......and no one here give's a rat's arse. Gene Poole doesn't even know that little "Newfie Joke".

  • Joe
    August 19, 2013 - 07:35

    I hope the cause of the ferry grounding will stay on your radar. For this to happen in the middle of the busy season is shocking.

    • david
      August 19, 2013 - 08:49

      Yup...if this was a BC ferry on just one of its puddle-jumper routes, this would be a major news story, people would be sacked, investigations would be ongoing, inquiries would be called, politicians would be opining, the public would be protesting, and a complete review of the operations would begin in earnest. Here? Business as usual....well, other than that some actual 'important' people --- tourists --- were inconvenienced.