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So, imagine that you were getting a hard time at work. Your projects were coming in for a fair share of criticism, and people were starting to ask if you were getting the job done, if you were meeting your targets and your budgets.

It would be tough sailing, but you would have to deal with it; sometimes, questions come with the turf.

Unless you are Canada’s Conservative federal government.

For the government, the motto might be “when the going gets tough, the tough get going … right out the door.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, off on an extended photo-op in the Arctic, has announced that, for the third time, he plans to go to the Governor General and ask to prorogue Parliament, coming back sometime in the fall with a new throne speech. It means that, in the interim, the prime minister and federal cabinet ministers will not have to deal with thorny questions about the misbehaviour of his Senate appointees and other issues that might otherwise be worth discussing.

It’s plainly obvious that this government has a particularly myopic view about its role in a parliamentary democracy. What matters is not the established process of a government proposing legislation and having that legislation tested and improved by our elected representatives, but instead, the Conservatives’ own particular agenda.

Parliamentary process? Why, that’s just a bunch of foofaraw that gets in the way of a government that implicitly knows what’s right doing exactly what it knows to be right. This democracy thing is just a pain in the neck — like strong environmental legislation, it just gets in the way of doing the important stuff fast.

How tightly does the Conservative world spin around its own axis?

Well, stop for a moment and read just one of Prime Minister Harper’s travelling-in-the-North news releases, headlined, “Prime Minister Stephen Harper invests in skills training; supports local resource jobs in the Northwest Territories.”

The body of the release? It starts like this: “Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced support for a new mining sector-skills training program in the Northwest Territories and in the Kitikmeot region of Nunavut, which will help Aboriginal participants acquire the skills they need to fill local jobs in the rapidly expanding mining industry.”

You could probably be forgiven for thinking that the prime minister was actually investing his own money in the venture. That may be exactly what the release says but, of course, he isn’t. But the wording, in its own way, goes a long way in  explaining the attitude of the current ruling party.

Our money, you see, is automatically his money, to spend as he wishes. It’s not the government spending money to help workers — no, it’s Stephen Harper who’s doing it.

Just like our Parliament is his Parliament, something to open and close at his whim.

Perhaps it’s time someone pointed out that he was elected to Parliament by the people of this country, not selected to permanently host the Stephen Harper show.

Organizations: Conservatives

Geographic location: Canada, Arctic, Northwest Territories Nunavut

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Recent comments

  • Eli
    August 26, 2013 - 18:38

    Doesn't anybody wonder why The Governor General doesn't tell Harper and his fellow hoods to just take a hike?

  • Marjorie Major
    August 26, 2013 - 12:35

    Thank you Wild Rose for letting us know how you intend to vote in the next federal election. We can no move you from the 'in doubt' column over to the Harper Party column. I have to admit that we were pretty certain where you stood politically but it's nice that we can no make it official. From the get-go, you moniker was a strong hint - connecting yourself with the ultra-right wing opposition party in Alberta. But you rapidly added to that with your stand in favour of pollution, the banks, Bay Street, big business, lobbyists and special interests as well as fraud, corruption, and sleazy behaviour generally within government. Not surprisingly you're also now declaring yourself for guns and the violence and depraved behaviour they make possible. In fact, so aligned with the destructive, draconian, dictatorial philosophies of the Con Party that I think we can safely assume you are a paid spokesman for it. For all we know, you could be the same hired hack that writes for the conservatives under the John Smith name. If not, you should look each other up. You have so much in common.

  • Joshua Buzzell
    August 26, 2013 - 10:02

    If you are reading this comment and also feel angered by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, please choose to take action. I am an advocate of Democracy in Canada and would like to ask that you ensure to vote in the 2015 Federal Election. Thank you.

    • Wild Rose
      August 26, 2013 - 11:43

      I`ll vote for the party that killed the long gun registry and get tough with the enviro-mentillists and the other special intrest groups and gave pride to the armed forces and keep our christian heritige strong and the is`nt the NDP party wich is the enemy of us.