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  • Sinjawnsyouth
    September 27, 2013 - 06:52

    The paradox is that there is more profit for the friends of government in responding slowly, and stupidly,to a sloppy spill, than preventing it. It is Newfoundland's turn now, to feel true 21st century properity in the form of contamination. We don't value human life, so why worry about birds and fish? Grandparents worry more about themselves than our babies. When the baby boomers are all dead, we can start cleaning up corruption and pollution. Until then, these ignorant, spoiled, childish, materialists(despite there hunger for new age BS, they are, on whole, too stupid to live in this century) need to be constantly slapped with truth everyday. The last resort of these old morons is to blame teenagers, as if they pushed suburban values on their parents? These baby boomers are so dull they clinge to a way to make money that they know is morally corrupt, and hope some guru will write the perfect book before they die, absolving them. Chicken soup for the spoiled children of confederation, with your $89 upgrades to first class, so they can sit an read selfjustifing journals while they scourge every value entrusted to them as per usual. Also, a spill works for industry, it reduces other industries, and makes people more dependant, boosts prices. Fines are on par with NHL fines - not even a factor. As long as full page apology ads are paid for, the telegram will ride along as our province is marinated in crude oil. Charity non profits will run aroumd like heros, burning gas and selling smile cookies while we, the youth, learn to love within a parody of the worst materialistic fantasy NL may ever know.