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Jeers: to “let them eat frack.” This just in from the Fraser Institute thinktank: “Rescue Canada’s poorest provincial economies: Allow fracking.”

 The argument? That “the liquid used in fracking is around 99 per cent water and sand, with a smattering of fairly common chemicals,” and that poorer provinces should, well, welcome it just for the economic benefits. You can make money by accepting everyone else’s garbage, too … and it probably only has a “smattering” of hazardous stuff.


Cheers: to a lovely week of access to information. Or, you could say, to a week of “you can’t handle the truth.” The province does research into sex workers in the province — but we shouldn’t know about the work because it would be too dangerous. Even admitting that the three-year-old document exists, police and government officials say, is dangerous. Here’s RNC Deputy Chief Bill Janes in a CBC story: “I will say that every question I answer puts more information into the public domain, which provides more information to those who could potentially do harm to others.” Yowza. But that’s not all. The premier travels with security to China (Lord knows the threats involved from Chinese radicals), but we’re not allowed to know the details, because knowing the overtime billed by the good officers and the cost of their tickets would “compromise” the ultra-necessary security detail. And the College of the North Atlantic gets rapped on the knuckles not once, but twice, by the province’s Information Commissioner for simply refusing to release documents without giving a single piece of information to justify the decision. Things just get better and better in the transparent and accountable province.


Cheers: to flavour. Tyler LeFrense from Isle aux Morts won the Lays “Do Us a Flavour” competition last week, coming up with a wonderfully offbeat and startlingly Canadian flavour — Maple Moose. He gets $50,000 and one per cent of the sales of the chips. Seeing that success makes us wonder if there couldn’t be an even more trademark Canadian flavour you could pitch. How about Senate Sundae? It tastes like ice cream with chocolate sauce and a cherry on top, but the catch is that taxpayers pay you to eat it — as many bags as you want, every single day! Or maybe Duffy Dip: every time you open the bag, the flavour — and the story — is a little different, and you’d never really be sure what to expect. Wallin Wonder? A heavy coating of entitlement with a dash of righteousness for added zip. Or maybe one more parliamentary flavour — Full o’ Bull. It would come from Alberta, be available right across the country, and even the listed ingredients would give you no advance warning about what it was you’d be expected to be eating. Yum, yum.

Organizations: College of the North Atlantic, CBC

Geographic location: China, Isle aux Morts, Alberta

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Recent comments

  • david
    October 28, 2013 - 09:14

    Well here's the choice: Either develop a prosperous economy that supports your citizenry, or else move somewhere that one already exists and particiapate in that. This pompous attitude of sitting on your arse and rejecting potential opportunities out of ignorant "righteousness", while awaiting the next massive delivery of EI cheques is getting beyond tiresome for the people who are engaged in various productive efforts....despite their "druthers".

  • Joe
    October 28, 2013 - 07:27

    Media always misspell this word to be correct Stinktank.

    • david
      October 28, 2013 - 10:28

      What a wonderful contribution, We certainly want any such "stinking" going on here, would we?! Where preconceived opinions and perpetual ignorance of virtually everything continue to thrive! A steady diet of naïve politics and government cheques, please. Heaven!