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Cheers: to proactive disclosure.

OK, so it was only a typo, but it sure was funny. A 400-word news release last week from the acting minister responsible for the Office of Public Engagement, Steve Kent, trumpeted the Dunderdale government as being “Open, Accessible, Accountable, Responsible.” The problem? The news release went on and on about how good the province is about releasing information, noting that “Posted information can be viewed on department websites as well as the proactive disclosure webpage launched this year:

fo/proactive_disclosures.html/.” Well, last week, that link took you directly to  a empty site with the error message: “The web page you requested could not be found on this server.  The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.” (The culprit was a superfluous “/” at the end of the web address.)

Jeers: to patchwork solutions. So here’s a question: how long does anyone expect a patch to last on a ship that sank in 1985? The Liberian-registered paper carrier the Manolis L sank in Notre Dame Bay on Jan. 18, 1985, and the Canadian Coast Guard has been trying to deal with persistent leaks from the vessel for the last six months or so. Oiled birds are turning up in the area, but the coast guard says the amount of oil being released can dissipate through wave action. That won’t be the case when the vessel breaks down enough to release all of its remaining oil.

Cheers: to future planning. Users of Kenmount Road in St. John’s just before Christmas might be able to relate to this: if you’re going to be doing road work in the pre-Christmas rush on a busy thoroughfare in a commercial area, might there be a better time to do the work than right in the middle of the day, during some of the busiest shopping traffic of the year? It’s just a thought. But eventually, this city is going to have to look at the best and most efficient ways to get work done, rather than simply doing things a certain way because that’s how they have always been done.

Cheers: to unintended hilarity. Chances are, if you’re the right age, Lorraine Michael’s protestations in The Telegram Friday, that “we’re not dead as a party, we’re far from it” came across like that old “I’m not dead yet” Monty Python sketch, where an old man is being hauled away early because a cart hauling bodies won’t be back for several days. Face facts, Ms. Michael: it hasn’t just been a “strange year,” as you put it, it’s been a year where the NDP took over the title the Liberals had been trudging around under for so long — dead party walking. NDP MHAs have quit caucus, organizers have bailed out, and the rank and file are simply shaking their heads. Well done, all of you: from possible contenders to punchlines, in a few short fractious weeks.

Organizations: Office of Public Engagement, Canadian Coast Guard, NDP

Geographic location: Notre Dame Bay, Kenmount Road

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Recent comments

  • Ed Power
    December 31, 2013 - 08:06

    Yes, Wild Rose, the NDP is most certainly a socialist party that is against Canada and should be "baned". Just look at the trade deals they have signed over the past few decades that have gutted the Canadian manufacturing sector, shipped well-paying jobs offshore to countries where wages are low, profits are high and bothersome things like environmental and health and safety laws are unheard of. Curse those NDPer's for forcing Canadians to buy products made in slave-labour camps in China! Damn them for cutting science budgets and imposing laws and regulations based on ideology, fear and strange religious beliefs. Why, just look at how they tried to gain access to the online activity of Canadian citizens. Remember when the NDP Public Security Minister tried to defend the 24-hour surveillance of Canadian citizens with the statement "If you aren't with us you're with the child pornographers"? Worse yet, look at how the NDP has repeatedly attempted to subvert democracy by deceptive activities such as Robocalls, overspending during election campaigns and gerrymandering. I can assure you, Wild Rose, that when it comes to the NDP, "their" not a joke....

  • Randy
    December 30, 2013 - 12:20

    When is Lorraine Michaels going to get rid of the 2 double crossing back stabbers George "Crying Game" Murphy and Gerry Rogers?

  • Corporate Psycho
    December 30, 2013 - 09:15

    The fact that Dunderdale even made Kent a Minister will cost her in the polls in the end. Time for some new advisors again Premier.

  • Wild Rose
    December 30, 2013 - 06:49

    The NDP party should is a socialist party and should be baned. It is against Canada and the U.S. and wants to tax us to death. Their all a joke. They are for the gays and foreniers before real Newfoundlanders. Their party is dead.

    • Tony Rockel
      December 31, 2013 - 14:50

      More brilliant commentary from our grammar and spelling genius , Wild Rose. Are you for real? Or are you just pulling our legs?