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Cheers:  to unintended irony. Thursday, a St. John’s city councillor was explaining that the city needed new parking meters and a 15 per cent hike in parking fees because of actions by the Royal Canadian Mint, which changed the metal composition of loonies and toonies.

The argument? The mint, a federal agency, simply downloaded new costs without a care onto cities. Bad mint. The councillor was then asked if the city would lift the 15 per cent increase after the meters were paid for. Answer? Why, of course not. So just to be straight: federal mint downloads new costs — bad. City downloads costs even further, plus adds new cash flow — still the mint’s fault. Hard to understand that one.


Jeers:  to even needing this fee. Toronto cab drivers are looking at bringing in a $25 “vomit fee” to cover the costs of taking time out to clean their cab after drunken patrons soil the vehicles. Calgary cabbies are implementing a $100 fee. Sound horribly far-fetched? Try talking to the cabbies in St. John’s who work the late-night runs from the wonderful land known as George Street. It’s not the only kind of fees they’d like to have, for sure. We’d say use your imagination — but on second thought, don’t.


Cheers:  to someone noticing something. Politicians love to say the only poll that matters is on election day, etc., but Advanced Education and Skills Minister Kevin O’Brien moved away from his prepared script at a marine simulator announcement on Thursday to voice a few personal concerns about the Tories and their current place in voters’ minds: “And I must mention, that, you know, it’s amazing to me to find out that in the political climate that’s there according to the polls — or if you listen to the, ah, talk shows. It’s amazing to me as a Newfoundland and Labradorian. Because we’ve come so far since 2003. You know, we’ve done so much. You know we have a premier that’s accomplished so much in such a little period of time. Such as, just the collective bargaining units in regards to our public service, the loan guarantee which will save Newfoundlanders and Labradorians about a billion and a half over the period of time of that particular project — Muskrat Falls; the White Rose extension project — now all of those has come in a very short period of time. So all I can say here is that it amazes me to find ourselves in the political climate that we find ourselves in. But the one thing I will say — you’ll find that the premier, cabinet, and our government will continue to work hard to further Newfoundland and Labrador and make sure every Newfoundlander has the opportunity to succeed.”


Jeers: to potholes. Need we even say more? Jeers to potholes. That is all.



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Recent comments

  • Taxi Driver
    January 20, 2014 - 12:26

    Cabbies need the fees. There is no hourly pay and drivers work on commission only. If someone vomits in their taxi, they have to spend much down time cleaning up the mess. Then because the seats are wet, they can not take any more passengers for the rest of the night. If someone throws up early in the shift, they loose out on a days pay. It is quite reasonable for the cabbie to demand a cleaning fee equal to that of a day's pay. Likewise, there should be fees for the use of car seats. Not all taxis have car seats and when someone calls for a car seat the closest one could be on the other side of town. The driver has to pass by lots of paying customers on one side of town to go to get the car seat customer which cuts into the driver's commission pay as it takes more time and gas. So, an extra few bucks to compensate would be reasonable. The same could also be said about people needing vans dragged from the other side of town for extra people or putting the seats down to move furniture.

  • W. Bagg
    January 20, 2014 - 08:01

    Yeah Kevin. I'm some glad Dunderdale put that extra oll in the ground for the White Rose extension. Where would we be if another party was in power. They certainly don't understand how to pout oil under the ocean. Yeah, and no other premier has ever successfully collective bargained with the unions. When you are unable to see reality or the issue leading to a 30 odd percent approval, it is time to go. HINT: Bill 29 was a biggy