Cheers and Jeers

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Cheers: to a job well done.

Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Police Chief Robert Johnston has only 11 days left before his official retirement, so this is as good a time as ever to point out that, under his watch and as he rose through the senior ranks of the RNC, the Constabulary has undergone one of the most impressive courses of professionalization seen in modern Canadian policing. From moving to training provided in the province through Memorial University to a huge expansion of facilities and equipment, Johnston is leaving the force far better than he found it. This is a very different RNC than the one Johnston started in. Let’s hope the new chief is every bit as skilled.


Cheers: to the brave new Internet world. Remember the old days, when a half-hour television show ran for 22 minutes with eight minutes of advertising? Well, in the web world, things are so much better — not. Earlier this week, you could watch a local CBC News item that ran two minutes and 21 seconds — except you had to watch a minute and 31 seconds of advertising first. That’s roughly equal to a minute of advertising for every one and a half minutes of news item — or, for a half-hour of viewing, 12 minutes of ads. Lovely how the world has progressed.


Jeers: to the predictable. Write a story about conditions at Her Majesty’s Penitentiary, and just wait for the Cro-Magnon comments to start flowing in. “Let them all kill each other,” “Why are we making a hotel for killers, druggies and thieves?” and on and on it goes. What’s next? Shall we set up stocks and sell rotten vegetables to throw? How exactly are horrible conditions supposed to rehabilitate anyone, or keep guards and other staff safe? Here’s a strange thought: what kind of country would we live in if Internet trolls actually formed our government or could put their decisions in place? Hint: it wouldn’t be a democracy. Smearocracy, maybe.


Cheers: to the word of the day. “My, isn’t it astounding what a fine glabella he boasts.” “Can you believe her glabella? You can’t tell me she didn’t have work done.” You can’t trust him — every time he talks, his glabella wrinkles.” So here’s the $65,000 question — what’s a glabella? In fact, it’s the little dip over the top of your nose. In many people, it’s better described as the valley between your eyebrows. Why? Just because we wanted to use the word.


Jeers: to the snow circus. Friday was every bit as much of a gong show as, well, every other snowstorm this winter. Here are the facts: if you’re going to drive in the snow, you have to have the proper equipment and tires, clear all your windows and hood of snow, and stop driving like it was August. The speed limit is the maximum for the best conditions. Roads are slippery: how many storms do you have to experience before that simple fact sinks in?

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Recent comments

  • Can't look away!?
    February 18, 2014 - 03:21

    "two minutes and 21 seconds — except you had to watch a minute and 31 seconds of advertising first" You don't have to watch advertisements on TV for the 8 minutes, and you certainly do not have to waste 1:30 whilst sitting at the computer with multiple browsers to open. It is like complaining of the full-page ads in The Telegram. Why would I? I just skip past them. The Telegram spin will be for FACILITIES, not management of said facilities. Now, with The Telegram (no name on this - paid trolling, how do I get in on that?) expounding this type of foolishness: "how exactly are horrible conditions supposed to rehabilitate anyone, or keep guards and other staff safe?" Chew on this one for a while. Ok. How are the conditions of a building, as opposed to poor management, inadequate staffing, and a top down successful attempt to concoct situations conducive to public cries for spending money on buildings, not service (YES, buddy there, Cockymuscle, getting out on bail to his mudder, going to Jungle Jims for a beer, back to jail, under-supervised shank-fight in the chapel! RETIRED CHIEF - Huzzah - no story here, Darin King for Premier if Coleman don't grab it up for the DAN MAN, move along, Justice, justice pursue…) WHAT IS the building we are building, that doesn't require sound management, competent (as in responsible to staff/inmates, not politicians) managers or any normal amount of staff to rehabilitate everyone? A Cro-Magnon, an overachieving Bonobo, or even the Littlest Hobo knows that buildings do not rehabilitate people, and they certainly know that you don't have to pay attention to the commercials on TV, online, or in the paper. I just want the Telegram to be less stupid, I don't have all the answers to why they need to spin the jailhouse so, or conflate all of us variegated trolls into a homogeneous pack of vegetable slingers?

  • Jay
    February 17, 2014 - 11:53

    I may be one of those Internet trolls to which you are referring, but your sanctimonious criticism of this anonymous commentary wears pretty thin when you reflect upon the Telegram's anonymous writers and their articles which is written to generate the same commentary which you seemingly abhor. In the last few weeks, just for example, I have seen prison guards criticized because they supposedly didn't handle the situation at the pen perfectly. The thugs, who terrorize the city and now the pen, were practically treated like heroes. I've read a one-sided article levelling criticism at Immigration officials, who probably did their job correctly, but who were given no consideration. There are numerous articles criticizing the health care system, which works extremely well considering the enormous challenges facing it, but you don't want to hear that. Daily criticism, bordering on personal hatred, of selected politicians. There are numerous other examples to which I could refer, but I'm learning that "smearocracy" is a good word to remember when talking about the Telegram. By the way, who wrote "Cheers and Jeers?"

    • Ken
      February 17, 2014 - 14:34

      You're dragging your knuckles again.

    • Happily Retired
      February 18, 2014 - 09:04

      Ken, What a witty comment. I only heard it about 50 years ago. Could you, at least, let us know what it was directed at, so we might have some idea as to what you are referring?

    February 17, 2014 - 10:33

    Worse than the adverts is too much time spent on the Weather. Less of Ryan and his antics and more concise reports and NEWS.