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  • Cashin Delaney
    April 22, 2014 - 23:52

    "Don't stop the Party!" - Black-Eyed Peas Agreed. This is not 'real' politics, (its not even faked Chinese politics...) where you learn personality through policy debate. It is guessing at future policy within the circus of a personality debate! Why don't we just have Betty Star read the bumps on his skull and tell us what will happen. We are talking about a fully-grown, sixty year old Arch-Capitalist here, not a little league player too nervous to go to bat. It is not his unwillingness to speak to abortion clinics closing, but everything else, that is the problem. No one is sad that he's not out there, tormentin' us all, shaking our babies & kissing our hands. This is just PR pundits justifying their own role without saying MUSKRAT. Guess what. MUSKRAT!! Abortion rates are tied to socio-economic disparity. Muskrat = questionable abortions. The more free, easy-riding, single, transient, migrant, disposiably-cashed trade-dicks in the province, the more unplanned preggers. This is high sociology, no? Give her $1000 to keep it sure, and all the anti-abortion, natural law-thumpers will help your raise it, for the splendid glory and unfettered love of Sweet Baby Jesus & Almighty God? No? Oh? Charity ends at home for most of the meddling super-pious, so why not leave judgement their as well. Look inside yourselves...keep your rocks in your pockets, we have high winds, we wouldn't want a strong westerly to blow you all back to to Europe! "The province is just rocking, and I don't want to see that stop." - Coleman; When the province is a-rockin, don't let democracy come a-knockin. This is the kind of foolish comment I'd expect from a half-baked Justin Trudeau, or the Sin Jin's board of trade, not a upsitting man of the church. Would Pope Francis tell us "we are rocking", and keep her going, hammer & tongs? Yes by, keep the PC 'divide and conquer' going, ram it all home. PCs have rocked us enough for 10 decades, during the last one. Stop hiding behind God, cowards, and address the mess you have coerced your employers, the people, into via skullduggery.

  • Corporate Psycho
    April 22, 2014 - 20:19

    Frank who?