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  • It shouldn't be a joke.
    June 26, 2014 - 12:13

    We have kids help line, God bless them and open line which is a lot of digits for an adult to remember. I believe it is a common expectation that 9-1-1 receive a whole host of weird calls, as this editorial covers, that could be passed of to a work term student. Uncommon sensibilities, pocket dialers, all these could be passed to a student for filtering and sold to Tosh.O or Codco if funny enough, or seriously, possibly save someone who is having a stroke-out, babbling like a crankster, a call from a confused child, etc. I take GREAT exception to solving this Bell Rogers TELUS problem with threats of (Tely-tone) fines the cost of a three year phone contract. I'm not a huge fan of Public Enemy, but I am getting the joke now. I believe this is a phone company issue at root, tech at phone level can lower the # of pocket dials, and exchange systems are so robust now, one worker could handle the rest of the seems-like-nothing's and "I just got into the dandelions-should I take Benadryl?" buzz them off to the health line? but yes, the fine, to clarify for Tely, is for crying wolf, and not for panicking, or overreacting by USING YOUR PHONE you pay hundreds of dollars for, if not thousands. Even if the 911 caller merely says, sorry my mistake, it is not a waste, it is a drill for that citizen, not a shame to think you need help. If it is, the system is broke at the core. Is "10 911 a Kabbalistic message, or does it mean Old Milwalkee is broke? Maybe VOCM-Bell Aliant can promote dial 740 to get Paddy Daley, for to take the slack off of the "is your refridgerator running" and "what colour tie are you wearing" types of benign tricksters and mundane voyeurs. If the same ghost phone calls 50 times, claiming to "see dead people" and then snicker, let the work term student or Rogers IT figure it out. A Citizen: "I can't find my government." | Adults help line: "Sir. I need you to calm down Sir, your government is buried in legislation, please remain calm. I'm putting you through to The Centre for Law and Democracy mobile hospice on Confederation Hill. Please hold the line."