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Cheers: to the mussel dogs. The province of Alberta is trying to keep zebra and quagga mussels from moving into that province, and plans to use trained dogs to sniff out the molluscs if the shellfish try to hitchhike their way across the Alberta border on boats being towed into wild rose country. (Laugh if you will, but Alberta has managed for years to keep rats from crossing their borders, and employs a rat patrol that’s been very successful.) Now, if only we could get some trained truffle-pigs to sniff out government waste …

Cheers: to having plenty of nerve. Civil court cases are long, so here’s the short version: Ontarian couple has many marijuana plans stolen from their yard. They try to get their home insurance to pay for the purloined weed; judge says no. “In two separate but identical actions relating to two separate losses, the plaintiffs claimed indemnification under their home owners’ insurance policy for a loss due to the theft of marijuana plants which had been growing in their backyard. They ultimately quantified the losses at $46,030. The defendant insurer successfully moved to have the actions dismissed on the basis that the policy did not afford coverage, except for $11,000 under an extension of coverage for landscaping, which it had paid.” Landscaping. That’s rich.

Cheers: to more blunt talk from the courts. A judge in Happy Valley-Goose Bay got a little bent about the town not even having building inspections: “If I am wrong, and the town has no duty to have an inspection system for the construction of buildings, then it seems to me that the town does have a responsibility to warn its citizens that it is not accepting the responsibility that is in the mind of every citizen as one of the normal powers and duties of a town. There ought to be a warning on the home page of the town’s website, warnings placed in town advertisements, and warnings placed on every building permit along the lines of: ‘Warning! The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay takes no responsibility for the enforcement of the provisions of the Municipalities Act, its building regulations and the National Building Code concerning the construction of buildings. All citizens involved in the construction of new buildings, or the purchase or lease of newly-constructed buildings should take all steps they deem advisable to ensure that the buildings comply with the Municipalities Act, its building regulations, and the National Building Code. The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay has no building inspector whose job it is to do this work, and takes no responsibility concerning this matter.’ Such a warning, however, would come as a shock to most citizens in the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay. There is an expectation that the town provides this type of oversight, and there is an expectation for the orderly and regular inspection of the construction of buildings in the town.” Imagine — actually inspecting buildings.

Geographic location: Happy Valley, Goose Bay

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