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Cheers: to poor excuses. “While in (police) cells later that evening, surveillance video shows the accused performing yoga. On more than one occasion during this process, she looked directly at the camera in the cell and raised her hands with the middle finger on each hand fully extended. This gesture was made directly to the camera. I conclude that the gesture was intended to be a sign of disrespect.  When confronted with this video, the accused attempted to explain that this was simply a yoga move and that she did not perform it as a sign of disrespect. I conclude that the accused knew that the camera was present and ‘played to the camera’ by raising her middle finger to the camera as a sign of disrespect. Her explanation was simply not plausible and was an attempt to present herself in a much more positive light than she actually presented while dealing with police.”

Jeers: to no-shows. Or non-interest. The Irish Loop Chamber of Commerce planned a dinner event in Goulds. Among the guests? The next premier of Newfoundland and Labrador. All three Tory leadership candidates were scheduled to attend until the time came to look at ticket sales. The number? Twelve. The event? Cancelled. That must be a scary set of tea leaves to be reading.

Jeers: to surprises. Remember when Nalcor said it wasn’t going to need the Holyrood Generating Station once Muskrat Falls came on stream, and that the chances of service interruption on the hugely long hydro line across the island was not a concern? Well, now that non-concern is part of the justification for Newfoundland Hydro’s new 100-megawatt turbine at Holyrood. In documents filed with the PUB, the utility says the new turbine is needed for “the following potential transmission contingencies after the completion of the Muskrat Falls Project: sustained interruption of supply over the Labrador‐Island HVdc Link due to single pole interruptions or in the unlikely event of bipole interruptions; sustained interruption of supply over the 230 kV transmission lines into the Avalon Peninsula; and sustained single 230 kV transmission line outages, which limit transfer capability to the Avalon Peninsula.” Oh yes, interesting high-voltage times ahead.

Cheers: to interesting analysis. One commenter on The Telegram website made an interesting point after the City of St. John’s rejected a proposal to upgrade a road so that an addiction treatment centre could be built off Fowler’s Road. The point? That things might be different if the council saw tax dollars in the future. “Maybe if we propose a new subdivision they will gladly say yes … so they can gather more taxes from the new homes and gather more money that they will then not give back towards the betterment of N.L. Lovely job council … not.” In a way, that’s St. John’s city council in a nutshell.

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  • Corporate Psycho
    August 25, 2014 - 16:50

    I do remember Nalcor saying that. Where is John Smith now?