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Cheers: to Outer Ring Road humour. How do you tell if it’s raining on the Outer Ring Road? Look for cars in the median. How do you tell if it’s snowing? Cars in the median. How can you tell if it’s sunny? You get the picture. What’s the different between the Outer Ring Road and the Daytona Speedway? At Daytona, the speeding cars usually stay on the track. OK, OK, we’re not giving up our day job.

Jeers: to August weather. Somewhere, there’s that one person. The tipping point. The one for whom the sadistic weather gods bowed deeply and said, “as you wish.” That one tragically misguided St. John’s resident who, covered in July sweat and heat rash, had to go and bleat, “It’s too hot” just loudly enough to be heard. The rest, as we know, has been near-unmitigated weather misery. In future, please remember the rules of Weather Club. You can feel that it’s too hot. You can think it’s too hot. But you can never, ever say it’s too hot.

Cheers: to John Ottenheimer. If he’s picked as the new leader of the Progressive Conservatives — and, in the process, becomes premier — he’s promised a whole provincial government department dedicated to seniors. Nothing like being sure to continue the extra care, feeding and spending the baby boomers have always expected. But on another note, who’s he going to pick to be the minister of “Get off of my lawn!”? We nominate Felix (Where’s Moldova?) Collins.

Jeers: to poor attendance. While we’re on the topic of the PC leadership, CBC’s David Cochrane says next week’s “On Point” will feature the three leadership candidates in a debate — he’s inviting viewers to send in questions. (Let’s hope he has better success than the Irish Loop Chamber of Commerce PC leadership debate — it was cancelled after only 12 tickets sold.) But by all means offer up some question ideas to Here’s one to prime the pump. To all three leadership candidates: “Please explain how the Maritime Link HVDC scheme was represented in the additional transient stability study performed with this link in service. In the response, include the type of HVDC scheme represented (LCC or VSC), the operating mode of the scheme, i.e. import or export to/from Newfoundland, whether the Maritime Link supported the Newfoundland AC network through AC voltage control or reactive power control during the event and whether the Maritime Link changes operating mode (import/export and/or reactive power) during the event.” If the candidates can’t explain, point out to them that the Public Utilities Board can. And then ask them why cabinet ministers are making decisions on energy generation and feel so comfortable dealing the PUB out of the equation.

Organizations: Progressive Conservatives, Maritime Link HVDC, Weather Club CBC On Point Public Utilities Board Irish Loop Chamber of Commerce PC

Geographic location: Newfoundland

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  • Dolf
    September 08, 2014 - 14:52

    Cheers to John Ottenheimer? You gotta be kidding! That actor didn't do a thing when in Cabinet. When asked a question he was always "studying it", "considering it", "thinking about it", or sitting on the toilet "working on it". What a bluff. His manager Shawn Skinner is, well, you get the picture.