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  • Over Priced
    August 26, 2013 - 22:53

    I never took my two children down to the lake this year. Both of them have been going to the Regatta ever since they have been born. Sick of wasting money on over priced games and crappy food. With that being said, I took the same money I would of wasted down there in less than twenty minutes and bought some lovely school clothes, book bags and much needed school supplies. At least I have something to show for it. Thanks M.A. Clements!!

  • Observer
    August 26, 2013 - 08:38

    It's no good complaining about the situation if you're not going to propose a solution. It's one thing to rant about the Regatta committee's" outdated system " and expect them to fix It. Nowhere in your letter do you say how you would do things any better. You yourself have failed to set out a plan to improve booth allotments , which seems to suggest that there is no easy fix. Besides, there's no harm in vendors wanting to make money. They always have and our Regatta is no different from summer fairs everywhere. Seems to me that all parties have to sit down together and hash out a solution. A lottery, perhaps? Making the Regatta committee look like the bad guy on the editorial page of the newspaper isn't helping your cause either.

  • Dee
    August 26, 2013 - 07:49

    You are right like everything if you are known then you get priority if you are not then you take crap.It's all politics my dear most what's down on that lake would shin a pig for a buck,you are right how people are full of greed,I only have one child how does a family of 3-4 kids along with their parents go there spend money on wheels then a slice of pizza and a drink cost $8.00.money grabbers.there should be a rotating wheel each year everyone moves around the wheel some years it's good other years it's crap.Or like the camp parks or concert tickets first come first serve.Also you should of named your charity most people like to know these things.

  • Ryan
    August 26, 2013 - 07:42

    I totally agree. Espically about some greedy hotdog cart vendors. I went to one and asked for a hotdog, misses took it out of a boiler tossed it on the BBQ for a few seconds tossed it in a bin and gave it to me, she then said $5. I looked at her and said, $5 for this measly thing, passed it back to her and said dream on. I then proceeded on to the CLB booth to buy my hotdog