Squires had a true gift

Updated at 03:33 - Gerry Squires is the only visual artist I know who was able to capture the special spiritualness and colour of this place.

Gerry Squires

Our NDP MPs fight for us

Updated at 03:33 - I have always voted because if you don’t vote you have no right to complain and I have always voted for the person, rather than the...


Give for the right reasons

Updated on October 08, 2015 - Public reaction to the plight of Syrian refugees has highlighted the reality that a significant number of people living in our...


NHL game a big letdown

Updated on October 07, 2015 - I attended the NHL exhibition game on Sept. 27. While this game was promoted for months as “NHL returns to Mile One with Eric Staal...


Helping Harper

Updated on October 08, 2015 - Former premier Danny Williams calling Stephen Harper’s position on the niqab one verging on racism might play well in Newfoundland...


Leaders don’t duck debates

Updated on October 08, 2015 - When I heard the news on Sept. 14th that Dwight Ball would not be taking part in a VOCM leaders debate as part of the election...


Flawed on three counts

Updated on October 07, 2015 - Your Sept. 15 editorial on former prime ministers and Quebec ("Dem bones”) raises three issues.


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