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The Weekend Telegram story about The Humane Society of the United States, featuring Canadian Sealers Association executive director Frank Pinhorn, got it on wrong on a number of points. We at The HSUS are proud of our work to end the abuse of animals wherever it occurs — whether on a puppy mill, a California slaughter plant, a dogfighting operation or an ice floe. Guidestar’s Philanthropedia experts have ranked HSUS as the highest impact animal protection organization and we receive high ratings for charitable accountability from Charity Navigator and the Better Business Bureau.

The court ruling did not let Ringling Bros. off of the hook on the question of whether it mistreats elephants in its circus. In fact, the court never decided the case, in which HSUS was never even a party, finding instead that the plaintiffs lacked standing to sue to protect elephants. The judge left unchecked the abusive training and control methods, such as the bullhook, typically utilized by circuses. A bullhook is a pointed spike with a hook at the end, which is used to poke, prod, strike and hit animals in order to “train” them — all for a few moments of human amusement.

There is growing momentum against the use of abusive methods to train elephants. A court in Los Angeles recently prohibited the use of bullhooks on elephants at the Los Angeles Zoo. Last fall, the U.S. Department of Agriculture hit Ringling Bros. with a $270,000 fine — the largest penalty ever leveled under the federal Animal Welfare Act.

Mr. Pinhorn’s enthusiasm notwithstanding, there’s nothing there. The countersuit referenced, which dates back to 2007, is a civil action, and there are no “charges” and no law enforcement involvement at all. It’s simply one disgruntled corporation suing to silence its critics — which is hardly a new or unexpected tactic.

Feld Entertainment filed a grudge suit, and a principal defender of Canada’s great shame, the massive seal slaughter, thinks it’s great. That’s not news.

Wayne Pacelle

president and CEO

The Humane Society of the United States

Organizations: Ringling Bros., The Humane Society of the United States, Canadian Sealers Association The HSUS Los Angeles Zoo U.S. Department of Agriculture Feld Entertainment Pacellepresident and CEOThe Humane Society of the United States

Geographic location: California, Los Angeles, Canada

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  • The Seal gets to frolick in its Sea Domain until it is dispatched, unlike the other animals that suffer under unbearable conditions.
    August 09, 2012 - 10:20

    The sea lgets to frolick in its Sea Domain until the minute it is dispatched, unlike the poor calves reared for veal, ducks and geese reared for "foie gras" production under very torturous conditions until they are ready for market which takes months. Also chickens, cows, pigs, etc. that are sent off to the slaughter houses in rigs, where sometimes they have broken legs (I saw this on a TV Documentary) and are left languishing for hours, sometimes days, until they are finally slaughtered. These so called Humane Societies are not about getting rid of the suffering of animals, they are all about the collection of Hundreds of Millions of dollars annually in donations from unsuspecting and sometimes very poor off donors so as to pad their own bank accounts. It is time for governments to put an end to crony -Capitalism, but I doubt it well because crony-Capitalism is the template by which all Corporations operate today, including Governments.

  • Anon
    August 09, 2012 - 08:50

    Stop attacking the seal hunt and concentrate on rhino poaching or something. We're not hurting anyone anymore than your damn big mac you hypocritical espletive

  • Nobody
    August 09, 2012 - 07:17

    Figured Wayne would be too busy with the RICO case going forward against his organization ( Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act) For a concise review of what the case is all about the below inked article is really worth a read Indictment of Wayne Pachelle American's are fighting back big time against this misanthropic organization. The case will expose the inner workings of this organization. Including its questionable and some would say fraudulent & misleading mail out activities for donations. Pachelle has bigger problems than Pinhorn. What is about to be exposed to the U S public won't be complimentary for his group.