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  • Ashamed of council
    September 21, 2012 - 15:46

    While the previous para transit operator has been slammed on occasion by our own,it now seems that the "safer" and more experienced operator who have had 22 accidents in less than a year of operation, are now are operating at capacity!There have been clients told that they cannot get transportation booked with the provider as they are now operating at capacity,but yet they have half their fleet parked at their premises on several occasions.Shame on the council for playing a part in hampering the transportation of our handi capped population.My mother who is elderly was asked by a bus driver to look out the window to guide him back while on the bus,another ccassion,the driver forgot to put up the ramp and tried to move the bus ahead,luckily there is a safety feature in place that didn't allow this..City Hall has received numerous complaints,their biggest responsibility seems to be the key player in covering up the accidents and barage of complaints.Shame on the council....

  • unknown
    September 21, 2012 - 12:26

    I must say I agree with Mr. Goodland 100%. I know people who travel with this bus company and can never get any satisfaction. They can never get a bus when they call even if it is a week away, and calling there is unbelievable because you can never get through you could be on the phone for hours trying. Also you could be waiting for the bus and they don't show up for you at all, not even a phone call to let you know why. There are many other stories that I have heard of. I was wondering why you don't here of any of these complaints in the media, and like I said I have heard of many. So I believe that somehow all the complaints and the numerous accidents (witch was many) is somehow being hid from the public. So why is this I think that the public has the right to know exactly what is going on with this so called wonderful bus company that the city of St. John's had awarded the contract to them and not to a company here. (Unreal)