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  • t
    November 06, 2012 - 09:37

    I agree with you completely. Our school board was elected to represent our children, and act in their best interests, but that is not what they are doing. Instead of learning from, and making an example of schools that have gotten things right, and are prospering, they are closing them down. I have been through this same fight with them in St. John's, and lost. No matter what arguement or proof you have, they have their minds made up before any public "consultations" have been done. Take a look at the board members during the public consultations. Some will be listening, and considering what they are hearing. Others are like teenagers at a boring lecture, slumped at the table with their chins propped on their hands, looking around, fidgeting, one I'm certain actually fell asleep. Aside from being disrespectful, it also shows that what you say makes no difference to them. They want to shut down smaller, successful schools, and cram as many kids as possible into larger schools, no matter the consequences. Studies have shown that larger schools don't work, and are produce far less successfull students, acedemically and personally. Fight hard for your children, and for their school, because the majority of the school board care about money, not children. And once a school is closed, it won't be re-opened.