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Recent comments

  • Ron Tizzard
    November 13, 2012 - 08:56

    I hear you Herb, and agree to the extent that this entire review, is far from being concluded from a the medical practice perspective. It is my prayer, and your's I would assume, that the final analysis and outcome will be a sensible one i.e. that the medical practice in the Pen will be tied to 'medical diagnosis' and 'need'; not just a hand-out each day of meds with very little foundation for the prescription distribution....which has not been been explicited denied that I am aware of having taken place ethrough the years. That accusation has never been 'denied', and disgustedly so!...which says a lot i.e. CHANGE IS ON THE WAY, AND RIGHTLY SO!

  • Herb Morrison
    November 13, 2012 - 08:18

    With regard to the Government’s recently released report designed to address the issues pertaining to the psychiatric care being provided to inmates at HMP, I offer the following thoughts. The question that I would raise would be: “is the psychiatric care being provided to inmates at HMP effectively meeting inmates’ specific, individual needs for treatment of the particular form of mental illness with which they find themselves afflicted? The key word here is effectiveness. True, inmates with mental health issues are receiving treatment, from a qualified Psychiatrist, for their illness while they are incarcerated; however, I would ask whether or not the professional treatment being provided is indeed effective in providing the kind of relief from the emotional pain they are suffering, to the inmates in question? In my opinion, the Government’s recently released report pertaining to this particular issue, while going to great lengths to establish the professional competency of the Psychiatrist in question, fails to answer the question as to whether or not the psychiatric care being provided to inmates at HMR, is effective in treating the emotional pain being inflicted on them by the particular form of mental illness with which they are afflicted. What is described by the Government as standard practice, might not constitute effective practice.

  • Ron Tizzard
    November 13, 2012 - 08:15

    Very articulate piece Brian. While I respect the prayer of your Letter to the Edior, I cannot completely accept the direction of your opinion. I say completely, because a whole lot more has to weighed and balanced before returning to anything approximating the socially jocular, notorious, disgusting, clinically abject morning pro-forma 'meds-line' is even permitted to be put back in place. The system has to wear that, not Dr. Craig. I think Dr. Craig delivered a wake-up call to the entire system, resulting in a review which should have taken place decades ago! He didn't dismiss the 'perceived' needs of the inmates...he was the Institution's MD; he assessed medical conditions, prescribing as he - the prison's MD- saw fit. DID HE NOT IN, FACT, HURT PEOPLE EN-MASS there was nothing reported to that effect...St. Clare's, the Health Sciences were not innudated with HMP imates to the best of our knowledge...or it would have been serialized on our TVs; which did not happen. There were some reports of discomfort, which any of us may experience with any kind of medication, or medication change. Any other extreme symptoms, I feel confident, would have been addressed. Let's have a look at what Dr. Klassen had to say, how it rolls out, in the final analysis. Life at the PEN cannot be, nor should it be...a pleasant experience. That said, the prisoners do not protest daily of conditions there...the 'recidivist' rate seems to be fairly high there, which would atest to that. Why don't we ask for some stats on that point....many, too many inmates seem to be regulars...which speakes for itself to a certain degree.....it cannot be all that bad down there. But, then again, that may be was exactly what Dr. Craig had in mind i.e. let's take the system for a ride without 'the meds' and let's see how many regulars will be 'less regular' as inmates, without the morning line-up, the automated 'PILL DROP' which seems to have been the morning GLORY Walk to the 'pill-drop office. The next few months as this finally raps up should be interesting.