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  • Ron Tizzard
    November 29, 2012 - 10:10

    Tom, the death of your brother at St. Clare's was most unfortunate, and the people of the Province are still moved upon recall of that most unfortunate event. That said, your continued rage is serving no substantive purpose at this point in time other than move people to hastly skip through your remarks to read the next, somebody else's rant for the day (I say that with greatest respect). Your, self-inflicted pain at this point, is and has continued to move people to turn to the next page which is most unfortunate...which I did, but felt | had to come back and make these couple of remarks. May I suggest that, instead of ranting about the event your brother's death, why not 'positively' seek a way to 'positively' contribute to change within systems...be a part of the movement towards change. Ranting repeatedly only promotes page-turning. Seek out a group, process, a Board that you may possibly be able to sit-on where you'll be able to be heard and respected in a positive way. And, you will perhaps be able to begin to heal... yourself. Personally, I saw your name, read the first line or two and turned the page...'it's Tom again', I thought. I think I am not alone in this opinion. You have a passion, a way with words which may attract positive attention to yourself...right now, it is my sense that people just don't listen any longer...and, that is sad. Your passion, positively channeled could accomplish a lot. You decried the review at HMP, without a second thought, anger again, took you away from the 'broader picture' of what was happening down there. You without a second thought just swept aside the review outcome...and stuck with your own totally short-minded take on what was happening there to appreciate what will soon take place to more positively enhance the care and protection of inmates there...not to mention, is my prayer, that prisoners at HMp will not just 'serve time', but actually be able to obtain some actual insight as to how they can 'CHANGE', and reduce the terrible recidivist rate. Very soon, the HMP will move on changing some of its routines, and become a real 'CORREWCTIONAL-CENTRE' and not simply a 'day-care' centre, treating adults like mindless youngsters. Following, Dr. Klassen's review, and all parties seemingly on side with most of his recommendations, positve change will take place for all concerned which might , just might , provide more positive programing leading to changes in some people's lives. Hope this clarification, from my perspective, helps.