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This letter is in response to the review of the book titled “You Can’t Take My Dog” which was written by Minnie Ann Piercey.

The review was written by Ms. Robin McGrath, whom I feel was incredibly harsh and misinformed regarding the book’s contents and the owner’s personal life.

I fail to understand how Ms. McGrath could write such comments about the writer’s personal life without actually knowing her.

I have read the book and found it very heartwarming, and could not put it down. Most dog lovers could easily relate to this book.

I met Minnie Ann this past summer during one of my many walks with my dogs.

I am not usually in the habit of talking to strangers, but I did on this particular day and am glad that I did.

Minnie Ann and I instantly became friends and have spent time together on many occasions with our dogs.

She is a very caring and compassionate individual, and I feel Ms. McGrath’s insinuations are uncalled for, inappropriate and completely untrue.

I am a wife, a mother and grandmother, and have many friends, both here in Newfoundland and across the country, and I also have two dogs that I absolutely adore.

Unless a person is a pet lover, they cannot fully understand or appreciate the love a person can feel for an animal.

I personally treat my pets as if they were my own children — with compassion, patience and unconditional love.

I would like to make it clear to Ms. McGrath that I have never had any problems making friends with other people or loving my family.

In my personal opinion, Ms. McGrath’s book review was a personal attack on Minnie Ann’s personal life and not a book review.

It is unfair and unkind to make such comments and personal attacks when she knows nothing about Minnie Ann or the relationship she has with her dogs.

Trudy Bridger  


Geographic location: Newfoundland

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