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    December 21, 2012 - 21:57

    I remember I used to get a rosy red apple at the bottom of my stocking each year. Most Moms were stay at home Moms and looked after all the kids and all the household chores!! The Father was the bread winner, and around our neighbourhood on Pennywell Rd. we certainly were not well off!!.The kids played outside during Christmas - new tobaggans,sleds,and even new pieces of shiney cardboard from off some huge Christmas gift , were all flying down over the hill, at Prince of Wales Field on Linscott Street. The snowforts and snowfights were a large part of Christmas and we used to come home with frozen mittens, red cheeks and a smile on our faces!! Yep, always outdoors!! Memories of those times were awakened by your letter, Marjorie!! I thank you!! A plate of 15 teens at Marty's "Leo's" with lots of malt vinagar and ketsup were to die for!! Thanks again for awakening the best memories of my life!!

  • Ron Tizzard
    December 20, 2012 - 10:31

    Thank you Marjorie. That was a very good 'recall'. I was able to relate to the sentiment and energy release in those younger days...personally however, I must take the 5th. on the long black stockings. Thank you for sharing. Yes, for many families money was scarce, but somehow, magically, parents didn't let it matter, and we didn't care. In many respects, into adulthood, the recall of Christmas these decades later, for me, have seemed to seep back to the very many challenges (financially) too many families had to face and conquer for the kids. Once a year, for many years, parents seemed to make ends meet. These were simpler times for children, as the 'times' were simpler, not different...just simpler, is my sense. Parents struggling to make Christmas the best ever for their children this year...don't work too hard, don't overspend....children are just happy anyway. In a very special way, I think kids (as we were, one time) were just as happy with what we received, but as adults on reflection the magic of Christmas for all kids was the toys (of course), simplicity, and the occasion of a heightened intimacy of time spent with HAPPY PARENTS, FRIENDS AND RELATIVES. The fixation on a special time,.. it seemed to just happen...magically. (that said, in the context of all things being equal...i.e. in too many famiies, or in too many instances the reality of life rolls itself out with it bumps and aches....). It's in those times that friends carry one another...and, that's where the true, purposeful spirit, the up-lift of Christmas most thrives....offering up succor for those who experience challenges to recognize joy and happiness for a myriad of reasons. Be happy, be well, be safe.

  • SLR
    December 20, 2012 - 06:40

    Thanks for sharing! I remember hearing all these stories from my Grandparents and even my parents...a great step back in time indeed!