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Recent comments

  • Judi
    March 28, 2013 - 08:40

    I am so glad that Robert Rowe took the time to respond to Karl Well's critique of his business. I remember reading that article and being appalled at the harshness of it. I wonder if Mr. Well's has ever owned or operated a restaurant of his own and gone through the tremendous amount of work it takes to start up and keep running. It's very easy to be an armchair critic! The objective of being in business is to give customers a good experience; after all, they are our bread and butter (pardon the pun). But, sometimes things go awry and hopefully the owner takes corrective action. As the other person who commented stated, no one looks at the Telegram to get Mr. Well's opinion on an eating establishment. I have a real problem with the Telegram in that most of the establishments Wells critiques are in St. John's with the exception of when he travels outside the province. Most of us have little or no interest in where Wells travels to. I think it is high time this page was filled with something other than the stale ramblings of Wells !

  • Frank
    March 28, 2013 - 08:16

    I give food critics the same merit as I do music critics! None!

  • Don Fogwill
    March 27, 2013 - 20:14

    I have been reading the various letters on food and food critics with interest and I was delighted to see Mr. Rowe take a strip off Karl Wells. I was a faithful reader of Karl Wells column ever since it started. That stopped last year. And now I am ready to give Peter Jackson's column the flick as well. For the last couple of years my wife and I have always stopped at Mr Rowe's restauarnt/hotel in Bay Roberts, as time permitted, for either lunch or dinner. and we always enjoyed both the service and food as well as the decor and the waterside location. When I read Karl's mean spirited column on the restaurant, to put it mildly, I was shocked and wondered what in the heck put the bee in his bonnett. However all was not lost for the restaurant because I understand that some very well known people showed up to dine there to show support for Mr.Rowe. Then there were other occasions when we went to a restaurant because of the good review by Karl only to be disapointed. I remember one in particular. It was on Water St. and the only good things we remember was the basins in the washrooms and the waitresses outfits. I have had better meals at an Irving restaurant, and a heck of a lot cheaper too. As far as the decor was concerned, I was somewhat concerned about all of those wires hanging from the ceiling lights. It didn't look safe to me but I guess it must have been ok or at least as ok as the food. I think that Mr. Wells might check on the meaning "pretentious"

  • Danny
    March 27, 2013 - 16:32

    Mr. Wells should stick to what he knows best.His cameo in the Stoner FM...er Movie, shows where his talents are best served.

  • who cares
    March 27, 2013 - 09:07

    You know, I don't know anyone that reads these restaurant reviews. When people are looking for suggestions on a restaurant they don't grab a copy of the paper to see what Karl says. No one does. We ask people we know. I didn't even know that Wells had a column until this tit-for-tat started. Columnists and Editors may believe that their opinions are the result of some great wisdom that only they possess but in reality opinions are like a******s, everyone has one. Of course, that's just my opinion.