Two sides to the story, indeed

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I write concerning Robert Rowe’s letter to the editor “Two sides to the Confederation story,” March 23. The most credible part of the writer’s submission is his admission that “I’m not above a

little manipulation of the question myself.”

Mr. Rowe is more than guilty of most of the acts of omission for which he accuses Greg Malone. He makes no mention of the close working relationship Greg had with the late Jim Halley who, to his dying days, held strong opinions regarding the manipulation of the vote to join Canada based on his firsthand knowledge of events.

Newfoundland was no worse off than the majority of the western world post-depression era.

Despite our disproportionate contributions of both men and other assets, to both great wars and the loss of the future contributors to the Newfoundland and Labrador economy, we continued to be treated as mere servants to the powers that be.

We were expected to repay war debt accumulated through both wars that was largely forgiven for Canada.

Most of Greg’s claims of conspiracy to hide the wealth contained in Newfoundland and Labrador from the owners of the resources, by such influential politicians as C.D. Howe and others across the pond, are documented and extremely well researched and supported by contemporary academic Dr. John Fitzgerald.

We came to Confederation with a surplus on our books (subsequently squandered by the self-important, brilliant but gullible Joey Smallwood) and with a wealth of resources that then (cheap iron ore from Labrador built the St. Lawrence seaway, cheap Upper Churchill power fuels Quebec) to today (offshore oil, the fishery) and continuously enriches the lives of all Canadians.

The fact remains that Newfoundlanders and Labradorians need never feel indebted to Canada in any way ever.

Sure, we did receive benefits from joining Canada, the greatest country on the planet today, but much of the prosperity and cultural richness of this great country is due in no small part to the contribution from our province.

Mr. Rowe seems bent on diminishing Greg’s credibility as a writer and as an entertainer, but succeeds only in portraying himself as naive at best.

He should take it upon himself to do a little unbiased research and open his eyes to the reality of what a gift Newfoundland and Labrador has been to all the rest of Canada.

How about the minerals, oil, forest products, fishery, hydro power, entertainers, comedians, journalists and writers? Wake up, b’ye!


Steve Martin

St. John’s

Geographic location: Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec

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