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  • david
    April 07, 2013 - 13:33

    If asked the question, the vast majority of Canadians would almost certainly agree that life is precious, and that our health care system should be expected do everything that it is technically capable of doing to save and improve lives. Well, that usually costs a lot of money. So with this mindset, people are really saying that saving lives is worth the expenditure of a lot of money. Fine. Then why does the Canadian government not help ensure an adequate blood supply by letting donors get paid for supplying their blood? This system works remarkably well in the U.S.....I don't recall the last itme I heard of a cry for more blood there. Here, we have far too many last-minute cancellations of surgical procedures ---- at ENORMOUS cost and logistical inefficiencies to the system--- because of lack of blood. By offering compensation for blood providers, the U.S. gets all it needs, despite having volume needs that are far greater than ours. You can whine and moan against "U.S. for-profit health care" all you want...but our system is going into the toilet, and people die and suffer for terribly stupid reasons here. So with all the other problems with the Canadian health care system, and there are legion, why not solve this most basic of issues? Heck, even just a decent personal tax credit for donating might be enough! Donors can still donate...nothing would discourage or stop them from doing so. But those who would not otherwise give blood --- and that is a VERY big number ----- would be motivated to do so.