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  • amanda
    April 11, 2013 - 15:58

    Mr Mount Pearl Guy. I disagree with your comment. Either you have not attended MUN or your parents were fortunate enough to pay for your tuition and you didn't need to worry about buying books or paying off student loans. I am a 28 year old MUN student in my fourth year. I worked a minimum wage job for two years to save for my tuition which got me through my first two years at MUN. Since then I have had to go to school for a semester and work for a semester just to be able to remain in school. I have had to work to to three jobs at a time to be able to pay for tuition, books, rent, food etc. I am not a 19 year teenager who is out there partying each weekend. So I can say that my money is not spent on shopping and parties. If the tuition freeze was to end, I fear that I would not be able to finish my degree that I have worked so hard to complete.

  • Mr. E
    April 10, 2013 - 14:35

    "So, MUNSU, inform, engage, and take action. Make sure we are protected pre-emptively, but please, no strikes" So what happens when MUNSU informs, engages, and "takes action" to pre-empt the cuts, but the current PC government ignores this and ends the freeze anyway? What do we do then, sit on our hands? Striking may not be popular, but it is a very effective tool for when a group is up against the wall. Granted, the Quebec protests got out of hand on times and that's why we have courts to sort out the wrong-doers, but to suggest that students should surrender their basic right to strike to protect what we have just for the sake of keeping those who are against us happy is ridiculous, short-sighted and frankly the wrong approach. We have the right to march in the streets to voice our concerns, no matter how much you think we'll inconvenience those against us.

    April 10, 2013 - 14:26

    Noah, What makes you think that the Students' Union would go to a strike vote? Has the executive mentioned that this is something they plan on doing? During the Quebec student strike I was in Quebec, in the streets, protesting a law that took civil rights away from not only students but from citizens who themselves wanted the same access to education for future generations that they had. What do you mean "it certainly didn’t do anything"? What a silly misinformed statement. Also I'm interested in the NDP but would never want to go to a meeting at MUN that is controlled by such a confused group of little immature boys. I've been before and it was extremely uncomfortable.

  • Mount Pearl Guy
    April 10, 2013 - 10:32

    this may not be a popular opinion but I'm of the belief that it does not make sense to continue a tuition freeze when programs are being cut. I'm not advocating for a huge hike however there is a cost to Post Secondary education. Look at it this way, Tuition was frozen in 2003, at that time minimum wage was approx 6 dollars an hour. Now it is 10 and tuition is still at the same level. Yes cost of living has risen but so has the cost to deliver quality programs at MUN and CONA.

  • derrick
    April 10, 2013 - 09:42

    Noah Davis-Power how much is your generation prepared to pay in future debt payments ? One would think that the bill is getting past the point of no return, the last generation entered life with no government debt.