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  • clifford Gould
    April 18, 2013 - 18:44

    I d on't understand people trying to stop Ecnomic Development when we got newfoundlanders going to alberta to work and doing the exact same work of fracking for oil.You would think that people would be excited about this development it would be enormous spend - off besides the actual work.If we don't allow any ecnomic development we will have beautiful newfoundland with no people living in it.I do agree with this fracking for oil on the west coast with the proper regulations

  • MS
    April 15, 2013 - 11:15

    "The people's requests are based on common sense, prudence and logic." I also add "AND FACTS" to that statement. The truth is out there, the precedents are out there. Mr. Marshall should ask the people on the ground -those who have suffered loss of health, loss of cattle and other animals, loss of property, etc. because of contaminated wellwater and air, and have been forced to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, simply called gag orders. I refer you to a video. Google "Unearthed, the Fracking Facade" for a little truth and facts and there are many more videos and professional reports available by "experts". It seems that the rush is on to frack every province and state and country they can (because they can) before the truth about their mantra of "best practices" and "strictest regulations" gets too widely known. Who can monitor what they are doing beyond the security gates and a mile or so below the earth? What is transported under the dark of night? Where are all the toxins being stored? What community would welcome the storage of these toxins? We know who will allow it - but who would welcome it? Where is the accountabiity? Where is the Dept. of Health with their war on cancer? An ounce of prevention is worth a thousand pounds of cure or disease management. The destabilization of the earth below us is also an important consideration regarding hydraulic fracturing. These chemical explosives used under high pressure to frack the shale are obviously quite powerful. I understand that each well can be fracked many times depending on how tight the shale is, multiply that by 100 wells to 1000 wells. And marine life? Who will be left to monitor that with all the layoffs in Dept. of Environment & Conservation? Where will they get the tons of fresh water needed, will they drain every lake and pond? The love of money and power truly is the root of all evil. Is it only in hindsight that we will see the insanity of this?