Remember when Canada was kinder, gentler?

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Canadians have watched in recent years the growth of corporations into behemoths with more money and more power than many countries. Canada is one of the countries these interests focus on because of our natural resources and still largely intact regions where nature is relatively unexploited.

CEOs and corporate board members are lobbying for special deals to ensure their personal wealth, to the detriment of the public. Our once-ethical country is changing because all three levels of government seem to think the bottom line is more important than conservation and planning for a healthy future.

I am awfully tired of parties screaming for “prosperity for the middle class.” Prosperity will come if we take care not to allow anyone to degrade the environment and overpopulate the Earth. All — not just one class — have equal rights in the resources of the Earth.

On “saving money,” which is an argument for the recent move by the Royal Bank of Canada to take its business beyond the country’s borders and bring people in to replace Canadians in jobs for which they have trained, I expect the government will feel a huge backlash. Its own moves to outsource jobs  has given RBC a green light.

I intend to visit the bank, since I am a customer. My anger is not with the staff at local branches but at the faceless, gutless board members who have never heard the word “enough.”

I suspect Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his cabinet will find themselves in a difficult position having to please the corporate powerbrokers and the people who elected them to govern, at the same time. I predict it will be impossible. Their choice will determine if they will disappear from the Canadian political scene anytime soon.

This world needs an injection of universal altruism and it isn’t to be found in politics, nor apparently in religion. The only place one is likely to find it is in people. I hope that Canada can return to the fold of countries where one “class” is not raised above another because of financial, social, racial, religious or gender considerations.

Such countries are in the minority, but a few still exist. We were headed in that direction, for many years; when will we get back to being decent again?

Judy Gibson

St. John’s

Organizations: Royal Bank of Canada

Geographic location: Canada

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