Time to ask the tough questions

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It is reminiscent of one of those sordid reality shows which revisits lottery winners of yesteryear, only to discover that they have recklessly squandered their stumbled-upon millions, a style the Dunderdale express et al seem to be aping.

As a passionate and proud Newfoundlander who was forced to eke out a living away for many years, I, like tens of thousands of other multi-generational ex-pat Newfies, was truly happy when Danny so boisterously proclaimed we had finally turned the corner and would look back no more.

Now, partisanship aside, it cannot be denied that Danny had charisma, and while he micromanaged to the nth degree, he never backed away from a fight and was especially adept at taking the federal bullies to task.

That said, when, if ever, will this bunch of BlackBerry-holding paper-cutout robots show even the smallest ort of remorse, altruism or even admit a mistake?

What began right from the get-go, when Our Majesty, flanked by the three interchangeable “whack-a-moles” — Jerome Kennedy, Darin King and Tom Marshall — declared an immediate post-election holiday.

That was followed by a feckless and misguided support of Stephen Harper’s cronies, and then on and on with a well-documented almost daily series of mistakes and insults.

People should be very aware that these latest budget cuts are not a novel approach, but take a page directly from Mike Harris years ago in Ontario and Harper 101 — attack the “welfare bums,” the “lazy teachers,” the uneducated and ex-cons, etc., because these are good targets to create hate amongst the masses and deflect attention

from the government’s social media-obsessed elitists.

This government takes photo-op novelty cheque presentations to new heights, and I’m sure if a baby duck is born at Bowring Park, they would take credit.

The cold hard reality is that we must take our politicians to task, ask questions, appropriately criticize, don’t fall in to their distractive technique of hating particular groups and, lastly, stay focussed and vote next election.

We all won the lottery but in Kathy’s new plutonomy, only the chosen will reap the rewards — you can hear her fiddling all the way to Goobies.


Glenn Brazil

Bell Island

Geographic location: Ontario, Bowring Park, Goobies.Glenn BrazilBell Island

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Recent comments

  • Eli
    May 06, 2013 - 09:58

    Mr. Brazil covered all the bases. Not surprisingly our local $120,000.00 a year do-nothing back-bench MHA's are silent as lambs. Cowards best describes them.

  • Tony Rockel
    May 02, 2013 - 09:50

    Great letter! Sums up this bunch of malignant clowns to a T.