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Does anyone outside of government know what the Muskrat Falls project is really about?

Why is it veiled in so much secrecy, and who are the real beneficiaries?

No government, not even one as stunned and delusional as ours, could possibly believe that this project, if it really is about electricity, makes the slightest bit of economic sense.  

I, therefore, have to conclude that there’s more to what’s going on than meets the eye.

So I’m thinking — dare I say it?

Black projects.  

What if Muskrat Falls is really a front for one of those top-secret operations — you know, like Area 51 or Star Gate SG1?

Considering the level of secrecy around the entire enterprise, that wouldn’t be too much of a stretch, now would it?

Look around

An expeditionary force of aliens could already be among us.

The Dunderdale government, even as I write, could be getting financial advice from inhabitants of the third planet of Zeta Reticuli.

This would be as good an explanation as any for the utterly baffling decisions emanating from the premier’s office ever since Muskrat Falls was so rudely thrust upon us. For all we know, Premier Dunderdale is already part of the Borg: “resistance to Muskrat is futile!”

How would the First Contact have gone down, and who would have arranged it? Would it be Danny?

Who would be our province’s terrestrial ambassador? I guess, since this government is all about money, it would have to be Jerome Kennedy.

Can’t you just see Jerome negotiating with the Grays, (or other entities slightly more humanoid than himself)? I’m sure they’d find him suitably intimidating, especially with Darin King for backup and Ross Wiseman hovering nearby, ready at a moment’s notice to call unruly aliens to order.

What’s the deal?

Faced with such advanced beings, what would Jerome want for himself? Eternal youth? Presidency for life?

What would our premier want? A set of Arcturian spider-silk drapes for her office — or an inter-dimensional escape route for herself and her caucus from angry mobs when Muskrat Falls is finally revealed for what it is?

Then there’s the other side of the equation: apart from the cheap labour for construction of an inter-dimensional portal or an operational base, or whatever setup they might require, what would the aliens want from us?

They’re too late for the cod, but maybe they have a craving for toutons.

To raise money for a black project, though, you need a black budget, and what better front could anyone ask for than Nalcor (a.k.a. Need another large chunk of revenue)?

Just look at the amount of cash they’ve hoovered out of us over the past year — and that’s only the amount we’ve been told about. Has our government been supplementing its revenues with kickbacks from the aliens — or is that what SNC Lavalin is for?

Stay alert

I urge the residents of Labrador to keep an eye out for any unusual activities in the sky or any suspicious tunneling activities indicative of a secret underground base.

Everyone should also be on the lookout for fake bank notes, because I’m sure that for the aliens, with their vastly superior technology, counterfeiting would be a snap, and the last thing we need in this province is inflation.

Tony Rockel writes from Placentia.




Organizations: SNC Lavalin

Geographic location: Muskrat, Labrador, Placentia

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  • Ed Power
    May 09, 2013 - 07:19

    "The Truth is out there." - Fox Mulder