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By now most people must have heard about the new internet phenomena called geocaching. If not, let me inform you, geocaching is a real-world, treasure hunting game where you use the GPS on your mobile android phone to locate little treasures called geocaches and then log your experiences using the cellphone app. I have been hearing about it from friends and family for the last year. 

Recently, I am happy to say, I had my first geocaching experience and I must tell you it was delightful.

It wasn’t so much the treasure hunting that I found to be so exciting — to be honest we only found one geocache out of the five that we looked for. Instead, it was the discovery of a new trail that prior to today I was not aware of. I live in Kilbride, which is a mere 10 minutes away from the beautiful Goulds. This is where I had the pleasure of finding Bidgoods Park.

Bidgoods Park is, from what I understand, a relatively new park in the Goulds and according to the geocaching app, underwent construction just a few years ago. When we arrived we were shocked and amazed to discover this gorgeous park located on Power’s Lane, just off the Back Line. When we arrived, we could see three bridges and some beautiful scenery from the dirt road. We parked our car and headed toward the park.

While there, we found amazing gravel trails through the trees and pathways that led us through the marshes. It sort of reminded me of Salmonier Nature Park without the animals. We did, however, manage to spot a squirrel and some ducks.

We spent nearly two hours on the trails just admiring the wonderful job that was done and how amazing the location was. It was quiet and peaceful, probably because ATVs are not permitted access to the park grounds.

While there, I was wondering why I had never heard of this place before. My fiancé and myself regularly go walking and we’re trying to find new trails all the time.

Neither of us had ever heard of it before and when we mentioned it to some people who also do a fair bit of walking, they had never heard of it either. It really is a shame that places such as this don’t get enough publicity. There was no one on the walking trail when we were there and it was a lovely, warm, sunny day. If you ever have the chance, I highly recommend this park for walking your kids or dogs and if you’re not into walking, take advantage of the lovely picnic area.

Amanda Clara Hiscock

St. John’s

Geographic location: Goulds, Bidgoods Park, Kilbride Salmonier Nature Park

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