Time to go, Mike

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So, Senator Mike Duffy is going to eat from the trough until he is 75. As an “independent.”

It takes nerve and stupidity to submit two overlapping travel and expense claims.

Any of us would lose our jobs for dipping into the till — the public purse.

The only decent thing this senator can do is resign. His own party doesn’t want him!

Mike Duffy is now the poster boy for the movement to eliminate the Senate altogether.


Catherine White

Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s

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Recent comments

  • Ron Tizzard
    May 21, 2013 - 10:40

    Excellent point Jay, In these times, there are many people who would do away wirth the Senate asap. I don't disagree with you, but I feel there is a role to be played by an honest, respective, Senate ...call it as you will. In its genesis, it was essentially a court of final appeal/consideration before carving legislation in stone. Today, the Senate seems to be just a perk, for sure; a reward for some buddies, and/or some front-page wannabees to be displayed. And, the kicker is...we are to blame....we keep electing them. It can never happen, it would never happen...the only solution would be for the electorate, us...to stay away from the polls altogether....NOT VOTE. It would cause great chaos ... and, most importantly, it would cause a great nation-wide debate, discussion, callit as you will.....of the need for a Senate. I think there is a place, room, or chamber for 'considered final thought....but today it has been gutted by reducing its 'raison d'etre' to a PERK.....it has been, is being abused as an award....NOT A PLACE OF WORK. GUT IT, I SAY! THEN ASSSEMBLE ANOTHER SENATE, WITH REAL OBJECTIVES,GOALS, WITH BUILT IN REVIEW STANDARDS. FOR NOW....toss it! It serves no justified purpose now except as a 'gold-plated' stroll to a graveyard.

  • Jay
    May 21, 2013 - 06:06

    The senate is an expensive pigsty for political flunkies. It is another way of politicians stealing money from the taxpayers of this country. It serves no useful purpose, and should be abolished immediately. The only reason the other parties are not calling for abolition is because they know their turn will come, and they want their turn at the trough.

  • Ron Tizzard
    May 20, 2013 - 09:10

    Sometimes, and it's becoming a more frequent 'mind set' for me, I think we'd be better off living with a Communist regimen i.e. for better or worse, we''d know what the hell our power of governance stands for i.e. just simple totaliarianism It would preclude having to spend each day suffering the pains of political psyhological abuse dumped on us by our so-called DEMOCRATIC (of the people) POLITICAL REPRESENTATIVES. I think, and I am not just being humorously facetious, there are days when it would be be OK to wake up to a Communiist regimen! At least you'd know what you have, what you are dealing with. The politicians we have 'experienced' in recent decades, for the most part, both provincially and nationally, have been off the compass of honesty, trust and just simple reliability. The only solution to my mind, to this state of affairs, would be for the voting people of Canada to simply protest these immoral, voter-insensitive behaviours on the part of potiticians...i.e. refuse to vote on the government established date, stay away in protest, they'd straighten up very quickly. Forcing another election day. It would serve a very good purpose i.e. THE PEOPLE OF CANADA, symbolically, would take back their legitimate RIGHT and POWER, to vote in a government with some INTEGRITY, I think the politicians would get the message; and it would also force politicians to have a long hard look at that MESSAGE....and SHAPE-UP! It would be the fodder of 'talk-shows' for months, and help the people of Canada to actually think about our political processes...our rightful role, and responsibilities in these processes, and most importantly our responsibility to participate in the maintenance of its integrity i.e. showing up to vote for the BEST FIT TO RUN OUR AFFAIRS OF GOVERNANCE, TO RUN OUR COUNTRY ON BEHALF OF THE PEOPLE OF CANADA, INDEED; AND NOT THE PERSONAL AGENDI OF A SELF-PERCEIVED DEMI-GOD.

    • david
      May 20, 2013 - 21:12

      How bad is Newfoundland that a cogent argument can be made in support of communism?! Think about that one....we area complete failure as a society.

  • marilyn
    May 19, 2013 - 20:08

    Does the pm really think we are to believe that Mr Wright who is a really educated man would do something that stupid if there was not something in it for him did our pm know yes he did .our pm stated that wallen Duffy and mr Wright are on the up and up .no way ..so I say is our government playing with a full deck. If this does not go to the courts than the taxpayers need to do something. this will not go away till we see some people pay for the crimes against Canadian taxpayers .you know what enough is enough .if our senators and mp do not take this serious than Canada is in big trouble . Social media will want answers .there are so many news channels on the web ctv seems to have the breaking news first .it love the .news I also am a reader but I find the news to .. be better than a book I read . its a great laugh watching the news as I post I see what's happening.mr Wright was making 2milloin a year and went to work for the pm for 3hundred thousand . Ok people what's wrong with this story

  • david
    May 18, 2013 - 20:47

    This is like telling a tenured prof he should put more effort into his teaching.....you can all go pound sand, thank you very much.

  • Eli
    May 18, 2013 - 16:04

    "Any of us would lose our jobs for dipping into the public till"? You serious Catherine? When was the last time you checked into the conduct of your MP, Senator, MHA ,or Councillor? To expect any of the aforementioned to resign is nothing more than wishful thinking.

  • marilyn
    May 18, 2013 - 12:55

    What is sad about this is the senators wants to sweep it under the rug .why? If this is going to break wide open and a lot of info is going to go to the taxpayers its not going to look for them . Maybe the investigation needs to Borden on all senators for the last 5years . IT seems they cannot be trusted to do it themselves as we have seen in the Duffy case . The hardest thing to swallow in this is we are still paying them with our tax dollars may as well ask out the mp that we are paying and are not working like dean del mastro Where is the investigation on him going . Just because they are out of site it doesn't mean out of mind. It like this gov needs integrating.

  • Cyril Rogers
    May 18, 2013 - 09:15

    I would submit that an elected Senate, with equal representation by all provinces, as in the Triple-E concept of 20 years ago, is the only viable option to make this nation work better. We have a badly-skewed power dynamic right now and it will not get better without genuine reform of both levels of government, the House and the Senate. Duffy is a Harper crony.... and this is on Harper for appointing his own sordid collection of cronies. Some of these appointments are good people, with integrity, but it only goes to show how poor is the judgement of our PM, in this and several other instances. Again, there is something fundamentally wrong when the majority of a chamber of "sober second thought" can be hand-picked by a PM whose mandate is based on the voting habits of 25% of the Canadian electorate.