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People are outraged that Sen. Mike Duffy accepted money while misrepresenting his home residence as P.E.I. when he actually lives in Ontario. This is considered a scandal, because he is appointed to represent P.E.I. and therefore his major residence is supposed to be there. While that makes sense, the idea that senators represent a region or the people of a particular region is a farce.

If you go beyond the formality of this rule you have to ask, even if he lived in P.E.I., how would that constitute representing P.E.I.?

There are six senators who represent Newfoundland and Labrador. Here are some questions about them.

Do you know who they are? Do they have an office in your area where you can contact them? How often do they ask you what issues you want them to work on? How do they inform you about the issues and what they have done about them? Do you know what these senators have said or done on important issues? What kind of process do you use to determine how well you are being represented by our senators?

Would it be accurate to say the majority of people don’t know who our six senators are, have no idea what they do or how they have represented us over the past year? So why are we paying them all that money?

Do we really want a bunch of people who we never elected, who never asked our opinion on anything, to make decisions about how we are governed?

Why would we want that?

So the Duffy scandal is just a distraction from the real question — why do senators and some in the Canadian public think the Senate is entitled to anything?

Doug Smith

Grand Falls-Windsor

Geographic location: Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador

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  • marillyn
    June 04, 2013 - 19:20

    I have to ask do our senators and mp represent Canadian taxpayers who pay your salaries by the way or mr harper it would be nice if you answered on this site and gave your names because we know you check out the web and you know what Canadian TAXPAYERS think of this government .thanks to the media we have all the breaking news