Iran election results a reason for hope

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The Iranian presidential election this past week has produced a surprisingly and potentially hopeful result.

Hassan Rouhani, a moderate who was supported by various Iranian reform movements, such as the executives of construction, green movement, freedom movement, labour coalition, nationalist religious movement, Islamic Iran participation front democratic party, received 51 per cent of the popular vote out of over 36 million votes cast.

During his campaign and since his election Rouhani has promised to alleviate political volatility with the West by exhibiting more transparence pertinent to Iran’s nuclear front and to incorporate moderation into diplomatic rhetoric.

This is a rationally formulated geopolitical hypothesis that has likely been extrapolated from last year’s rapid decline of Iran’s national currency which sustained its worst year since international sanctions were imposed on Tehran since the Iranian, Islamic Revolution of 1979. The worst ramifications of last year’s sanctions resulted in a monumental shortage of medicine as banking constrains depleted Iranian pharmaceutical companies.

Majority seek reintegration with the West

A majority of the Iranian people are clearly repudiating the extremely geopolitically confrontational rhetoric of outgoing Iranian president Ahmadinejad. A majority of Iranians want to be reintegrated with the global economic community that can be only be done by more Iranian nuclear transparency and conciliatory statements towards America, Britain and, particularly, Israel. Rouhani seems to be moving in that direction, however Western governments are aware that most of the actual political power in Iran is possessed by the unelected religious mullahs headed by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who incorporated rigid restrictions on the media and Internet during this election.

Nevertheless Rouhani’s victory is an optimistic omen of surging aspirations for political and social reform within the great Iranian people who engender peace with the West, domestic economic growth and the same political and social freedoms that we take for granted in Canada.

May God bless those Iranian Canadians who worked tirelessly in recent months to convey political messages to the Iranian people by circumventing certain components of Iranian state censorship.

This hopeful political development in Iran was also made possible by the fearless sacrifice of millions of Iranians who protested government repression.

During the protests over the 2009 Iranian presidential election a young, brave, beautiful, intelligent, politically active woman named Neda Agha Salton was shot dead in the streets of Tehran by Iranian authorities as she peacefully protested government oppression of political dissent and the rights of women to dress and appear as they choose.

For Neda and all those other brave Iranian human rights activists their struggle has continued, their goal has moved forward, their vision persists and their endeavour shall never surrender.

John Ryall

Mount Pearl

Organizations: WestA

Geographic location: Iran, Tehran, America Britain Israel Canada

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Recent comments

  • Ed Power
    June 22, 2013 - 17:50

    One of eight conservative candidates handpicked by Khameni to run in the election wins, and is hailed as a reformer. Right. Pity the nation of Iran and its people. They deserve far better than this.

  • Paul
    June 20, 2013 - 15:06

    Naivety in the extreme. Rouhani was one of a few picked by the ruling theocrats allowed to run. They still hold all the power. Also the history of Rouhani is not one of reform, but status quo. Bragged about how uranium enrichment continued all the while he pretended to negotiate about the issue. He was a big buddy of Khomeini, played a big role in crushing the 1999 student revolt. You're just falling for the lie just as they want you to, and the liberal media and the US admin woauld also like you to.