Nalcor has seen the future

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Ever since sanctioning the Muskrat Falls project, Premier Kathy Dunderdale has been singing the praises of Nalcor, and I really thought she must have been exaggerating, but now I realize how wrong I was.

Amongst this amazing corporation’s countless other talents, Nalcor has apparently mastered the technology of time travel: “North Spur hasn’t hiked Muskrat costs” they tell us.

Isn’t that incredible — they’ve actually been able to travel forward in time to survey the finished dam, including the North Spur, to find that it has been/will be completed on time, with no disastrous mudslides, no problems in drilling down through 270 metres of mud and sand to reach bedrock, and no cost overruns!

So SNC Lavalin has been telling the truth all along! How could I have been so cynical? I should have known from their track record that their word could always be trusted!

But who is this messenger from the future? Is it spokeswoman Janine McCarthy or is it Ed Martin himself?  Whoever it is, with that kind of advantage, he or she must already be fabulously wealthy, what with all those winnings from Lotto Max and the stock market.

Knowing that Martin or one of his minions has a time machine at their disposal, I hope someone has already warned the Securities and Exchange Commission, otherwise, think of the stock market chaos that could ensue!

Perhaps with the help of their marvelous time machine, Nalcor will be able to go forward a couple of decades and come back with some real estimates of our energy needs!

Tony Rockel


Organizations: SNC Lavalin, Securities and Exchange Commission

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Recent comments

  • Was the North Spur factored into the original cost estimate of Six Billion Two Hundred Million?
    July 01, 2013 - 13:30

    Since it is an exorbitant estimate, $6.2 Billion dollars for a hydroelectric project that is only going to deliver only 800 mega watts of hydro energy, I am wondering if the North Spur work was factored into the $6.2 Billion dollars estimate from the beginning?

  • Just Sayin
    June 28, 2013 - 08:45

    The fix at the North Spur has continued to decline, as far as estimates go, from 11 percent of the project cost to 2 percent. Meanwhile the problem seem worse and more severe over this same timeframe, since little investigation was done to determine a suitable fix. This investigation is only now underway and will take another 6 months. After that we will know if the cost ratchets up to 11 percent or more. So at present they can say the cost hasn't gone up. Are they misleading the public? You betchya. Should this investigation of conditions been done before sanction? You betchya. Are their best methods by using a crystal ball instead of engineering principles? You betchya. Does that erode their status as a world class company? You betchya. Is the crystal ball approach a good one? Certainly for politicians, Minister Kennedy said so in the House of Assembly. If it meets Jerome's Standard, it meets Ed Martin's. And Gilbert Bennett is so pleased with the volume of rock removal " enough to built the great pyramid in Egypt". All we need is a tomb there to drop Gilbert in. Doesn't he look like a Pharoah? After 3 thousand years the pyramid in Egypt became a tourist attraction. What was their return on investment for the first 2000 years? So our contractors can blow up a lot of rock! Why didn't he take the cameraman across the river and show the mud slides and explain the problem with quick clay?