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Recent comments

  • Marilyn
    July 09, 2013 - 01:46

    Seems like I stirred up a bit of a hornets' nest by submitting the above letter protesting the harbour fence! I've been accused of being dramatic, told to "grow up", walk somewhere else, and to accept change and move on. Thankfully other comments were more positive. If you agree with what I said about removing that "monstrous fence", please contact Mayor O'Keefe and/or the City Councillors, your local MP, Port Authority, Telegram, local talk shows etc. The more people have the courage to voice their opinions on issues that matter, the louder and clearer the message might be received! And maybe mistakes will be reversed! As far as my friends, family and I are concerned, that ugly fencing would be better used to block the moose from our highways and prevent further injuries and deaths!

  • Stephen
    July 07, 2013 - 19:10

    A fence installed so that the port can meet US security demands. Such is the global tragedy of the National Security state.

  • James WIlliams
    July 07, 2013 - 16:04

    A hundred years ago your gender was not even permitted to vote. Times change.....Move On!

  • John
    July 07, 2013 - 07:55

    I agree with the above comments, grow up it is 2013 safety is a priority just look at at recent charges to the city.

  • gord
    July 06, 2013 - 22:55

    Big pile of bunkam using safety as a reason for implementing a desired change. The gov't does it all the time and uses this line just to shut NAPE up, and it works. Problem is that many of the changes are non safety threats but can be argued under that!! It's tabu to question "safety" within the gov't system.

  • RKB
    July 06, 2013 - 22:04

    How dramatic Marilyn.It is not worth it to have someone seriously injured or worst for the sake of a view who want to walk on the harbor apron.

  • Danny
    July 06, 2013 - 09:44

    The fence ...is to protect the tourists from the local lowlife.Much like when you go south to Cuba or DR & walk the beach.

  • Eastender
    July 06, 2013 - 09:07

    I also walked there many times as you know if someone gets hurt there at the harbor while doing work it's a big law suit,not like the old days if someone got hurt or killed then that was it.I do not agree that the city should spend our tax dollars by funding half of this wall but it is time for you to grow up Marilyn accept it,get over it,get with the times,take a walk somewhere else if it bothers you that much.I can look out my front door and looking the harbor it don,t bother us as much as it bothers you and others.What bothers us is that we can,t put nice windows in my home because we got people like you and others that don,t live down this way telling us to keep our heritage alive.WALK SOMEWHERE ELSE!