Salmon Fest for the rest of us

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Festivus was celebrated as a parody holiday on the Seinfeld sitcom. It was intended for the folks who did not get, or want to celebrate, the traditional holidays.

Unfortunately that is what was left for the non-VIP folks at the Salmon Festival — a parody of a concert at $155 a ticket.

I did not hear much about the VIP tickets other than you could not get them.

That is another story.

I attended the KISS concert a couple of years ago and the ability to move around the field and get close was amazing.

I walked into this concert and was immediately greeted, halfway down the field and behind the production tower and merchandise tents, by a large fence.

I respect what the poor VIPs went through, but I could not even see the concert.

I overheard many people in this poor-man compound talk about getting their money back. Many were irate.

I took a chance and went into the beer tent (which could easily be called the cocaine and weed tent) and watched people throw up, dance, pass out and occasionally fall on each other.

Apparently you can serve six beer at a time to loaded drunk, incoherent concert goers and the rules regarding public intoxication apply neither to the party animal, the server or the RCMP for that matter.

All is forgiven ’cause the money is flowing! If only the water had been.

I absolutely get where the VIPs are coming from and they are right.

I will have to take people’s word regarding quality of the bands. I did not actually see them.


Frank Martin




Organizations: RCMP

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Recent comments

  • Gman
    July 18, 2013 - 18:26

    Kiss fans are way tougher than Eagles You have to adjust to the situation. and expect to be incovienced in a large crowd, thats how you know youre at a concert, thats part of the experiance. I remember it was freezing and poured the whole time Kiss was on and until late morning . It was a very large outdooor concert ,Then we missed the bus no ride and got lost 2 hrs walking, back to the campsite , with shorts and tshirt on. (12hrs +) on feet. I never laughed so hard in my life, over my misfortune, after all that stuff happens (cant control the weather), now I have a cool story. We have very few large outdoor concerts they will get 30k no matter who plays, no good for the older crowd and crowds not used to heat. VIP was a huge ripoff and More experianced concert goers would not fall for that. Also more water Should have been there. The great thing about this hard lesson is the VIP area will be non exisistant next year, less tickets sold , and we may get way cooler Headliner act .

  • Anonymous
    July 18, 2013 - 08:25

    I have never heard so much complaining over a concert in my life. There was probably double the amount of people at this concert then the KISS concert so obviously it will be harder to see the show or get closer. I get where the VIP ticket buyers are coming from, they got scammed and have the right to complain. But to be complaining about people getting drunk in the beer tent. Are you kidding? What do you really expect or what do you want? People not drink or there be a 3 ticket limit? I'd imagine there would be even more complaining about that. I along with about 15 of my friends in the beer tent as well and also had a poor view of the show, but it is what it is when there's that many people in one spot. Overall I and all my buddies had a great time, enjoying a great show , on a beautiful day (unlike the KISS show where it poured).