Use woodchips, not straw

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I was delighted to see a great gardening article in July 27’s paper about straw bale gardening. Straw is easy to get on the mainland as it is a byproduct of the grain industry, but next to impossible to get in Newfoundland, and expensive when you can!

As the article states, don’t use hay, another hard to get and expensive commodity here.

I organically farm one acre in Portugal Cove, but my small no-fuss home garden consists of a raised bed with a thick mulch of old wood chips. It is growing wonderfully and I’ve only watered it twice, even through this recent hot weather.

And no weeds!

Something like this would be a more practical option for backyard Newfoundland gardeners than sending people out on a futile search for straw.

Brian Kowalski

Farmer, Murray Meadows Farm

Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s

Geographic location: Newfoundland, Portugal Cove, Murray Meadows FarmPortugal Cove

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