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This letter is in response to an article written by Daniel MacEachern that you published July 19, 2012. The article “Woman back in Tely 10 after beating ovarian cancer” is an inspiring story about a lady’s journey of beating cancer and her determination to continue running the Tely 10.

Although this article was published almost a year ago, I believe it is still important for people to hear it today.

In our world today, we are hounded by new fitness fads and diet crazes that claim they will help us to reach our health goals.

By putting the focus on body image, these fads and crazes misguide people into thinking that eating healthy and exercising is done simply to obtain an ideal body figure.

However, what people fail to understand is that living a healthy lifestyle is important to not only help reduce the risk of disease and illness but to help your body fight off any disease and illness it may contract.

It is essential that people know this, and what better way to inform them than allowing them to read an article containing a real-life example.

Being diagnosed with a disease like cancer is life-altering and even life-changing, especially when you are told you have an incurable, inoperable disease.

This article clearly depicts how Deanne, the lady who survived ovarian cancer, believes that maintaining a healthy lifestyle was vital for her beating cancer.

As a kinesiology student at Memorial University of Newfoundland, I am reminded on a daily basis how important eating the right foods and exercising is for my overall health.

However, many people do not have the proper resources to be educated on this issue as much as they should be. The Telegram is providing opportunities for people to learn about such issues when they print articles that contain stories like Deanne’s. I think I can speak for most readers when I say this story encourages those who read it to make their own lifestyle changes that will better improve their health.

Not only does this story portray a message about why it is important to live a healthy lifestyle, it tells a story about an inspiring woman whom I believe many people can learn from.

Setbacks are a common occurrence when trying to stay active. Many people tend to get frustrated after they experience hindrances that cause them to push back their goals.

Staying active is not always an easy task and people will more than likely encounter things that cause them to get off track. What they need to learn is that even when these things happen, it is important to bounce back.

This article shows that even when you have setbacks, it is important to keep working toward your goal.

Although Deanne struggled with her battle of cancer, she eagerly anticipated taking part in the Tely 10 the year after she beat cancer.

Deanne had one of the greatest setbacks that you can encounter, and she came back thriving.

It is very important for people to stay active and healthy even after they encounter obstacles such as an illness.

Many people use their illness or disease as an excuse to not be active, especially if they were active to begin with.

They believe that living a healthy lifestyle did not help them avoid their illness, so why would they continue with it. These people are sadly mistaken. It is essential to think positively and work towards a goal, even if you experience setbacks and even if the outcome may not be exactly as you wanted it to be.

These messages, although they may not be explicitly stated in the article, are definitely implicated through Deanne’s story.

To conclude, I want to say thank you for printing such an encouraging and inspiring article in your newspaper.

I believe it is really important for people of the public to read articles that concern health and fitness. People tend to learn best by example and by hearing Deanne’s story they definitely have an example to live by.

I hope that you continue to search for and document stories that are as educational and uplifting as this one.

Gabrielle Boone

St. John’s

Organizations: Memorial University of Newfoundland

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