Greed and the golden goose

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The story of the golden goose is too well known by all for me to repeat it here, but the gist is simply that a farmer had a goose that laid golden eggs.

The farmer knew he had a good thing going and believed he could make it even better by killing the goose and getting a whole bunch at once.

Sadly, there were no eggs to be had and with the goose dead there would be no more laying.  

Sounds like a pop song to me and seems to be a story from out of Grand Falls-Windsor.

For years, the backers of the Scamonfest (to coin a phrase) have believed the area music festival was a golden goose.

The latest concert was simply the climax of the farmers killing the golden goose in spades.

It seems to me they’ve crossed a bridge much too far and if nothing else they have put the name of Toyota to shame.

Speaking of Toyota, I can only imagine the good folks who own the car company asking for the smallest details for which there is no easy answers except greed.

Greed is the new creed of the Scamonfest.

Do you want water? We won’t allow you to bring any to the show, but line up and pay dollars per litre until we run out!

Want VIP comforts? Line up for tickets to the sardine can.

What has sardines to do with salmon, you ask?

It is much the same thing as scams to do with music.

Import acts there were dated in the 80s; limit the number of concessions stands; limit the amount of water in 30+ temperatures; and overbook an already very small space to the max and beyond.

The goose is indeed dead and never to be revived.

We’ll see the festival again but never as it was this weekend and that we can be thankful for.

And by the way, I enjoyed  a small festival miles from the main venue and I believe central Newfoundland to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Scamonfest just gives it all a bad name, the same as the farmer with the golden goose did to his trade and profession.

Wayne Norman

St. John’s

Organizations: Toyota

Geographic location: Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland

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